Cultivate your thirst for learning with the latest Learning Station releases!

Cultivate your thirst for learning with the latest Learning Station releases!

Wine and wine-making for everyone

The Learning Station is delighted to welcome a new prestigious publisher into the fold: the Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux! (Bordeaux Wine School) For the past 30 years, this learning centre has been transmitting the know-how and way of life of the Bordeaux vineyards to the widest possible audience. With a presence in 21 countries, the school and its community of nearly 300 accredited trainers deliver courses to 85,000 people each year.

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Would you like to surprise your customers, boost your sales or simply improve your knowledge? Whether you’re a newbie, enthusiast, amateur or professional, set off on an introductory journey to the very heart of Bordeaux wines! You’ll be guided by winemakers, oenologists and sommeliers who will be delighted to help you learn about their profession and passion.

Here’s an overview of what the Bordeaux Wine School can offer you, in no fewer than 5 languages (French, English, German, Japanese and Chinese):

  • Understand the art of wine tasting and wine vocabulary
  • Discover the different stages involved in producing a wine, from vine to cellar
  • Learn about the vineyards of France and those around the world
  • How to serve your wine in style
  • Explore the 6 families of Bordeaux wine.

These demos will soon be available in the Extra-pro category of the catalogue.

* Excessive alcohol consumption is dangerous for your health. Drink responsibly.

Eco action

In other end-of-year news, non-profit Teach on Earth is offering new content to support the European Week for Waste Reduction, held from November 16 to 24, 2019.

If you weren’t able to take part, there’s still time to explore the following training courses (CSR category):

  • “Serial litter: time to take action!” in collaboration with Surfrider Foundation Europe, on the issue of plastic waste and ocean pollution, designed to encourage consumers to reduce their waste
  • “Sorting your waste in Paris: become a recycling expert!”, created to encourage Parisian citizens to adopt the latest recycling guidance.

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Would you like to make this content available to your learning community? Please contact Eléonore Chiossone, our Sustainable Development Initiatives Manager.

Always more choice

As you can see, an original and high-quality selection of material awaits you on the Learning Station, where you’ll find more than 200 turnkey training courses to accelerate all your mobile learning projects!

Explore and discover content designed to boost your application in 2020 from the following sources:

Combining training and incentives – the promise made by 202 ecommerce and Teach on Mars!

Combining training and incentives – the promise made by 202 ecommerce and Teach on Mars!

As we approach the end of 2019, Teach on Mars is launching the “Gift Shop”, a page within your app to reward your employees. This initiative has been made possible thanks to our partnership with the agency 202 ecommerce.

Turbocharge use of your app!

Would you like to find a way of rewarding your sales advisers for the commitment they show to L&D? Teach on Mars and 202 ecommerce have combined their expertise to bring you a simple and engaging solution.
202 ecommerce is a web agency and PrestaShop partner offering a service that creates gift shops for company employees, and is particularly suited to the retail and luxury goods sector.
This collaboration with Teach on Mars takes the form of an app add-on with a simple publisher template involving a set-up cost and annual subscription. Many personalisation options are possible, such as customising the shop in your organisation’s colours or importing an existing catalogue.

Combine learning and incentives

You may be wondering what the reward system will look like in your training app. It’s very simple: over time your learners take new training courses created in their app, and are credited with points for each section of content completed. Points collected are then converted into gift points that can be activated by the learner to spend on the rewards platform.
For more information on the “Gift Shop” solution and its features, please contact your account manager or dedicated project manager.

Create unique events around your app with the Event Booster Kit

Create unique events around your app with the Event Booster Kit

From this winter, Teach on Mars gives you the opportunity to add sparkle to your application and optimise engagement of your learners through new packaged offers.

Support offers: choose what attracts you

The Event Booster Kit has been designed in a modular format so that you can adapt it to the different needs of your organisation and important key times:

  • when launching your app, it’s always worth considering our “Kick-off Event Kit” comprising a launch teaser and on-site facilitation orchestrated by our Teach on Mars Academy team.
  • after launching your app, create a second wave of interest around a new flagship theme, during an event (digital days) or over a given period (digital week); this module includes a supercharged promotional campaign, an events calendar and impactful tailored and/or off-the-shelf content taken from our Learning Station!
  • at any time in the life of your app or during an event involving all or some of your learners, offer a personalised immersive phygital experience. Find out more below!

Phygital learning to support your employees

Teach on Mars gives users the opportunity to learn in new and exciting ways through delivery of a phygital experience. This includes tasks to complete, instructions to follow, clues to find and challenges to be met over the course of this unforgettable experience. The aim is simple: to make learners central to their own training by offering them a combination of diverse activities: personalised learning content, asynchronous and synchronous activities that are highly gamified through use of QR codes, Live activities, geolocation beacons, etc.

To find out more about the content of our offers and prices, please contact your account manager or dedicated project manager.

Learning Station: we go international!

Learning Station: we go international!

Good news for all English speakers: almost a quarter of the off-the-shelf content in the Teach on Mars catalogue will now be available in a bilingual version. A great way of facilitating all your international operations, in both the language of Molière and that of Shakespeare.

Calling planet Earth… This is the Learning Station!

You asked us for it, and it’s now here. We offer some forty turnkey bilingual titles that can be added to your Teach on Mars portal, both as standalone courses and in packages.

Innovation, professional effectiveness, management, soft skills and more: find the details of all titles now available in translation in the Learning Station catalogue, in both French and English!

If the title you’re interested in is not yet available in translation, our partner publishers can of course provide you with one on request.

If you’re interested in several different types of content, our discovery offer could also be just what you’re looking for, with bilingual themed packs at ultra-preferential conditions. Find out more about this here, or in English here!

Focus on digital transformation

This month also features scheduled new releases on digital transformation. With Skillsday, raise employee awareness of digital issues through a new suite looking at the various professions currently being reinvented in the digital era.

The course covers:

  • Digital immersion,
  • Digital and management,
  • Digital and HR,
  • Digital and retail,
  • Digital and ecosystems,
  • Digital and brand image,
  • Digital and marketing.


With Kokoroe, blend the formats you offer your learners by adding a suite of 10 podcasts on digital transformation to your catalogue! Topics include the future of work, collaborative leadership, blockchains, AI, IoT and robotics, virtual reality and chatbots: these episodes made with leading experts will help you decipher all the key challenges and trends related to this issue.

Another training course from this publisher has also been added to the catalogue, introducing you to the delicate art of constructive feedback. Often avoided, sometimes dreaded, but a fundamental pillar in the professional development of your employees! So what are you waiting for?!

Want to see all these new releases in their demo version? Head to the Innovation, Marketing, Human Resources, Management and Soft skills categories of the Learning Station in the Teach on Mars app, of course (via the App Store and Google Play)!

Learning Station : your booster for mobile learning projects

Learning Station : your booster for mobile learning projects

Are things already back up to light speed for you again after the summer break? Some new offers of turnkey content are now available to facilitate the delivery of your catalogue and boost your projects. From now on, Learning Station is your go-to solution!

Now boarding!

Because you need to be quick, offer more and more choice, and engage more effectively with learners, Learning Station is now offering you turnkey content solutions. So what exactly does that mean in practice?

  • 220 hours of training, available immediately for integration into your application,
  • 185 items of content, reviewed and preselected by us,
  • 13 thematic categories, to meet all needs.

Resources for training, raising awareness and training delivery: we will bring you new features every month. So let’s stay in touch, shall we?

Exclusive offer not to be missed

Because you don’t have the time to choose, this month we are launching an introductory offer. You can now discover a selection of our best content on the leading topics of the moment!

With this exclusive offer in partnership with Kokoroe and Skillsday, gain access to thematic packs of 7 content items at preferential rates on the following topics:

  • Collective performance,
  • Digital acculturation
  • Personal development.

Want to stock up on the latest trends? Then step this way!

Cap sur les nouveautés

In an evolving world, our off-the-shelf training offer has to keep evolving too. Your Marketplace catalogue, now known as Learning Station, offers two new sections:

  • CSR to raise your employees’ awareness on issues related to corporate social responsibility. Content designed as part of the Teach on Earth initiative on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be made available to you free-of-charge and delivered straight to your Mission Center. Simply send us a request letting us know you want to take part and we’ll take care of the rest! Let’s act on this together right now!
  • Mars Express, which brings together short, gamified and ultra-accessible formats to engage with your community of learners and pace the delivery of your application throughout the year more effectively. Feel free to consume as much as you like!

The developer Skillsday also has two new additions for you to discover:

  • The science of happiness, in the Soft skills category, et
  • Digital immersion, in the Innovation category.

Want to see more for yourself? Then head over to the Learning Station in the dedicated category of the Teach on Mars app (available via the App Store and Google Play) to explore the entire catalogue in demo mode!

Marketplace : our summer selection

Marketplace : our summer selection

Fancy taking advantage of the summer to expand your catalogue? Relax! You can count on our Marketplace off-the-shelf content for hassle-free headway.

Discover our July releases and new features

Summer may have arrived but planet Marketplace is all geared up to bringing you an ever-wider choice of off-the-shelf content for your Teach on Mars portal.

This month, we have several new releases in the following categories:

  • Management, with SkillsDay :
    • discover the ins and outs of lean management to boost your organisational performance,
    • learn how to manage performance by leveraging human potential,
  • Marketing, with Edinovo :
    • everything you need to know about producing packaging,
    • and discover the ABC of paper,
  • Our sector-specific focus is on publishing, with Edinovo :
    • e-reputation and visibility on the Net,
    • correction, for an introduction to the basics of style books.

Contact your favorite publishers directly from the Marketplace

Another new option available on the Marketplace, the Teach on Mars app now allows you to send your requests from the demos of your choice, via a direct contact form forwarded to publishers.
new feature to be used as often as you like, for an increasingly dynamic ecosystem!

marketplace juillet 2019

Over 200 hours of content at your disposal

If you’re looking for off-the-shelf content, you’re bound to find the perfect solution from more than 160 titles now available. To do so, all roads lead to the Marketplace, with: