Turnkey training courses: the best allies for your latest challenges

Turnkey training courses: the best allies for your latest challenges

The last few months have confirmed what we already knew: turnkey training courses are a major asset when it comes to finding quick responses to radically changing needs. Why not check out the new solutions available for your catalogue in the Learning Station Playlist? With nearly twenty additions this month, from wellbeing to finance, all you have to do is choose!

On the road to wellbeing with TIPS n’ LEARN!

The Learning Station is delighted to bring you a new supercharged collection: TIPS n’ LEARN. Specialising in blended learning systems, this agency has put together 10 training courses on an issue that’s more topical than ever: wellbeing and quality of life at work.

Want to know more about a digital agency that rocks in the kitchen and won’t let off-the-shelf content gather dust? Walk this way!

A smooth return with Skillsday

Our partner Skillsday has tackled THE tricky subject of the moment faced by organisations, with its creation of a training course on returning to work in the context of Covid-19. Here you’ll find information and practical advice on how your employees can return to work under the best possible conditions.

app mobile learning covid 19 skillsday

Two other titles look at important issues in the current situation:

  • Changing role in companies” at a time conducive to professional change or career advancement;
  • Finance for non-financiers” (and there are lots of them!) who need to strengthen their financial culture and better understand the impacts of the crisis.

Stress-free finance with expert Action on Line

Keen to learn more about this topic? This month we welcome a new publisher, Action on Line, an expert in finance, accounting and management. If your organisation is aiming to cultivate a solid financial culture among your employees, this new 100% mobile-first training offer is made for you!

app mobile learning covid 19 action on line

More than ten training courses are already available on the following topics:

  • Understanding financial statements
  • Producing and checking annual accounts
  • Producing financial statements
  • Cost analysis.

Dashboards, budget construction, performance management – the publisher will soon release the next instalment of their highly operational collection!

To learn more about these new releases, download the Playlist or Teach on Mars application, available via the App Store and Google Play, to see the entire demo catalogue in the Learning Station category.

The latest training courses to support your employees, wherever they are, with your app!

The latest training courses to support your employees, wherever they are, with your app!

Cybersecurity, sustainable development, remote collaboration, collective and emotional intelligence: Teach on Mars and its partners are mobilising their resources to make sure your employees continue to develop their skills during lockdown.

Thanks to our content sharing feature, skill building courses can be deployed on your application in less than 48 hours, as can our entire off-the-shelf training catalogue. On your marks, get set, go!

Browsing safely

We’re all spending a lot of time online, and even more time than usual for some, during lockdown: all the more reason to be especially vigilant! What if this was an opportunity to change our behaviour over the long term so that we also limited risk in this area?

Phosforea, a training organisation specialising in cybersecurity, invites you to educate your employees and make them the strong links in your IT security chain. As remote working becomes the norm, it’s essential to get a grip on our cyberspace and adopt the right reactions when using a computer.

The charity Teach on Earth is also inviting us to learn about good reporting practices with its new training course “Illegal content: click, report“. Let’s work together for a safer internet!

Supporting sustainable development

Does your organisation want to go further in fostering the eco-citizenship of your employees during lockdown? In the “Corporate Social Responsibility” category, publisher Teach on Earth also offers the following options:

  • SDG: what if you chose your superpowers?“, so that each of us can become a superhero in championing the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.
  • Two 5-minute quizzes on climate change and recycling so we can successfully brush off the next climate sceptic who crosses our path.
  • Water: a universal need that springs eternal?“, created in partnership with the NGO Solidarités International to help learners understand the climate, economic and lifesaving issues connected with access to drinking water.

Cultivating soft skills

In addition to the manager/employee pairing published last month on teleworking, publisher Skillsday now allows all your managers to manage the performance of their virtual teams thanks to a new title, “Managing remotely”.

You can also foster the continuous improvement of your employees:

  • through collective intelligence, for constantly enhanced innovation and performance as a group
  • but also individually, by making self-knowledge an asset with “Knowing yourself better: an introduction to personal development“.

A whole range of options to turn lockdown into an opportunity for learning! Check out the demo versions in the Teach on Mars app (Learning Station category: Innovation, CSR, Management and Soft Skills sections), available on the App Store and Google Play.

With Discovery, make continuous learning central to your app!

With Discovery, make continuous learning central to your app!

Arousing curiosity and fostering the desire to learn is a worthy ambition that often clashes with the realities of everyday life. What if you took the opportunity offered by these unprecedented times to get your employees engaged in daily learning about topics relevant to your business?

If you’ve answered this question in the affirmative, our new “Discovery” offer is made for you! The magic formula: one day, one learning resource, one item of communication on your Wall, without forgetting a dash of gamification to embed learning and encourage competition between your learners.

Boost your learning community

Imagine a month in which you could enable your learners to:

  • Focus on a key theme for your organisation
  • Select a relevant resource each day in a variety of formats (articles, videos, podcasts, infographics, etc.)
  • Deploy them with engaging daily articles on your Wall
  • Embed the takeaways with a weekly gamified activity followed by a final theme-based quiz.

Difficult to squeeze into your diary? Teach on Mars is here for you!

We’ve concocted a tasty blend of high-quality content curation and mobile-first engagement. With the Discovery programme, create new informal learning habits, promote peer learning and strengthen the engagement of your learning community on a daily basis by posting to your Wall!

To your apps, discover… and embed!

With more than 1000 educational resources produced from the best expertise available online and respected contributors (mainstream media, academic experts, specialists), keep up to date with the key skills of today and tomorrow:

  • Innovation
  • Management & Leadership
  • Business Performance
  • Personal Development
  • Corporate Social Responsibility.

Digital practices, creativity, team leadership, change management, cooperation, emotional intelligence, well-being and much more: benefit from turnkey campaigns adaptable to your needs, and dedicated support from a Teach on Mars consultant. Is your topic missing from the list? We can create a tailor-made programme for you!

Can’t wait to get discovering? Contact your account manager or the Teach on Mars team to find out more!

Continue to train your employees by opting for off-the-shelf!

Continue to train your employees by opting for off-the-shelf!

To deal with this unprecedented situation that is challenging our ways of working, we need mobile learning more than ever before to support our employees. Teach on Mars remains on the cutting edge with its partners, offering you initiatives specially designed for the crisis.
Each week we’ll be showcasing content from our latest developments. Check in to find out what’s new on our calendar. And don’t be afraid to over-indulge!

Working from home: Discover Skillsday’s failproof recipe

Implementation, organisation, best practices and more with two training courses on remote work solutions. Help everyone adapt to working from home.

To meet all your needs, Skillsday offers two versions: one for your employees and one for your managers. In 30 minutes, these specially designed courses offer a very complete, operational approach. Among the areas covered:

  • good conditions for working at home,
  • teamwork,
  • work organisation,
  • work/life balance,
  • working at home in the kind of exceptional conditions we’re currently experiencing.


Want to learn more about this offer? Contact our Skillsday partner David Reymond directly by email: david.reymond@skillsday.com

And to discover other topics, all new Skillsday offers for March can be found in your Learning Station catalogue.

Cybersecurity: Train and raise awareness among your employees with content from Phosforea, the cybersecurity expert

Many employees are falling prey to cyberattacks during the lockdown. Teach them the best ways to fight back! An informational campaign on cybersecurity is coming soon.

Take advantage of an exclusive offer and get access to Skillsday’s complete library!

Want to offer high-quality off-the-shelf training content on various topics? Skillsday is making all its off-the-shelf training courses available at a significantly reduced price for 2 months. Keep your eye out for an email in the coming days detailing this offer.

Crisis management: get through these trying times with our partner Solace

Managing a crisis is not something you can fake your way through. Get expert advice with content from our partner Solace. We’ll kick off a campaign in around 10 days on this topic.

And don’t forget the introductory package offers from the Learning Station, which can be activated right now!

We know you may not have time to choose. That’s why we’ve put together a selection of our best content on key topics. Take advantage of 7-content packs at discounted prices on collective performance, digital acculturation and personal development, among other topics.

Interested? Contact your Teach on Mars account manager to get started!

In the spotlight: A wealth of solidarity

Alenvi, specialised in support for healthcare professionals shares its catalogue

Alenvi has decided to offer all its mobile learning content for free during this difficult period. This content, available on its application, enables creating an empathetic link with people who are functionally dependent and also offers invaluable advice based on the practical experience of aids and experts.

You’ll find topics such as cognitive impairment, empathetic communication, ethics, helpful movements and postures plus many more, whether you’re a professional in this area or a family member.

To access the content, you can sign up here.

Teach on Earth and Edumiam join forces

Edumiam, a start-up specialised in coaching for parents and early childhood professionals, is taking action by offering free access to its mobile training content until the end of the lockdown, starting April 2. This material can be accessed via the platform Teach on Earth.

Edumiam offers fun, digital prevention tools that cover a child’s first 1,000 days.

The content will be available starting April 2 and can be accessed by downloading the Teach on Earth application at App Store or Google Play Store.

Manage your New Year’s resolutions with the latest Learning Station releases!

Manage your New Year’s resolutions with the latest Learning Station releases!

2020 is here… And so are the latest Learning Station releases! Still not sure about your New Year’s resolutions? Teach on Mars is here to offer some suggestions.

Resolution 1: Drive better with Easy Driver

To get 2020 off to a flying start, we’re delighted to welcome a brand-new publisher to the Learning Station, with expertise in a subject eagerly awaited by many of you: driving and road safety!

Easy Driver offers entertaining and engaging courses to raise awareness and train employees in the benefits of safe and sustainable transport: preventing work-related risks, the benefits of eco-driving, promoting active forms of transport, etc.

The Easy Driver modules are in the form of short and effective videos. Animations and a voice-over explain each situation and encourage learners to remember advice for calmer driving. Quizzes are provided for self-assessment.

This new collection explores three complementary areas of expertise:

  • Road safety awareness: the risks associated with familiar journeys, what to do in an accident, driving in town and at night.
  • The highway code: understanding priority rules at French junctions, how to complete the European Accident Statement.
  • Eco-mobility: how to get around by bike, information on green forms of transport, etc.

To try your hand at efficient driving while keeping to the straight and narrow, head over to the Business Efficiency, Regulations and CSR categories in your favourite catalogue, the Learning Station Playlist. You’ll be in the driving seat!

Resolution 2: get (even!) more efficient with Skillsday

Our publisher Skillsday is also an ideal navigator for improving your efficiency, whatever destination you choose!

You can explore the topic from a managerial viewpoint, with:

  • Manage performance by leveraging human potential
  • The art of feedback

You can also improve onboarding of new employees throughout the value chain, from first contact to welcoming them in your teams, with:

  • How to attract talent
  • Successful onboarding and maximising the talent in your team

In terms of organisation, optimise your teamwork by boarding the spaceship with season 1 and 2 of “Project management, the essentials of project management“!
Last but not least, innovation is also in the spotlight this January with:

  • Innovation management
  • Impersonation scams

Fancy testing these new releases for yourself? Find them in a demo version in the Management, Business Efficiency, HR and Innovation categories of the Learning Station in the Teach on Mars app available via the App Store and Google Play!

Cultivate your thirst for learning with the latest Learning Station releases!

Cultivate your thirst for learning with the latest Learning Station releases!

Wine and wine-making for everyone

The Learning Station is delighted to welcome a new prestigious publisher into the fold: the Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux! (Bordeaux Wine School) For the past 30 years, this learning centre has been transmitting the know-how and way of life of the Bordeaux vineyards to the widest possible audience. With a presence in 21 countries, the school and its community of nearly 300 accredited trainers deliver courses to 85,000 people each year.

application mobile learning oeno bordeaux civb

Would you like to surprise your customers, boost your sales or simply improve your knowledge? Whether you’re a newbie, enthusiast, amateur or professional, set off on an introductory journey to the very heart of Bordeaux wines! You’ll be guided by winemakers, oenologists and sommeliers who will be delighted to help you learn about their profession and passion.

Here’s an overview of what the Bordeaux Wine School can offer you, in no fewer than 5 languages (French, English, German, Japanese and Chinese):

  • Understand the art of wine tasting and wine vocabulary
  • Discover the different stages involved in producing a wine, from vine to cellar
  • Learn about the vineyards of France and those around the world
  • How to serve your wine in style
  • Explore the 6 families of Bordeaux wine.

These demos will soon be available in the Extra-pro category of the catalogue.

* Excessive alcohol consumption is dangerous for your health. Drink responsibly.

Eco action

In other end-of-year news, non-profit Teach on Earth is offering new content to support the European Week for Waste Reduction, held from November 16 to 24, 2019.

If you weren’t able to take part, there’s still time to explore the following training courses (CSR category):

  • “Serial litter: time to take action!” in collaboration with Surfrider Foundation Europe, on the issue of plastic waste and ocean pollution, designed to encourage consumers to reduce their waste
  • “Sorting your waste in Paris: become a recycling expert!”, created to encourage Parisian citizens to adopt the latest recycling guidance.

application mobile learning teach on earth

Would you like to make this content available to your learning community? Please contact Eléonore Chiossone, our Sustainable Development Initiatives Manager.

Always more choice

As you can see, an original and high-quality selection of material awaits you on the Learning Station, where you’ll find more than 200 turnkey training courses to accelerate all your mobile learning projects!

Explore and discover content designed to boost your application in 2020 from the following sources: