Send communications directly from the application with the Wall Publisher add-on (Available soon)

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Teach on Mars’ new feature, the Wall Publisher add-on, allows you to keep your finger on the pulse and communicate simply and directly.

Over the last few years, on-the-ground communication has gradually become more instantaneous. Social networks have enabled us to present our ideas and habits and to connect to the whole world through the publications we send and receive.

These new practices have since been transposed into the world of work and especially into the world of training. Teach on Mars has already seized hold of these topics, for example by releasing add-on Coaching, enabling instant messaging between learners and coaches. This time round, Teach on Mars allows you to go one step further, enabling managers to post communications on the Wall directly from their application.

The perfect feature for your community managers!

In concrete terms, your managers will be able to create communications using their application and publish them to their community without connecting to the Mission Center.



As well as creating and publishing communications, your managers will also be able to save draft communications and find a list of communications created in the add-on (whether they are published, archived or saved as drafts).

In the Mission Center, communications created using the Wall Publisher add-on are highlighted with a specific tag and can be edited.

Teach on Mars wanted this feature to be ultra-quick and simple to use. Communication creation is therefore pared down and suitable for mobile use.

A tool to keep in touch and get close to your community

With the Wall Publisher add-on, create ultra-formal, top-down communications and gain greater spontaneity, to surprise your learners.Your internal influencers can use this new tool to extend the influence of your brand and bring a new sense of community to your organisation.

Your community managers can post live from momentous events in a spirit of sharing and cohesion.

In short, you can appoint certain managers to use the Wall Publisher add-on to boost engagement rates and enhance team-building.

The Wall Publisher add-on is a fee-based feature which will be available by the end of the year. Contact your account manager or project manager to find out more.