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The ambition of Teach on Mars is to be able to train at any time and anywhere in the world. To achieve this, the solution was designed from the start to support a maximum of languages. This month, Teach on Mars is offering a new tool integrated into the Mission Center to simplify the process of translating courses. With the Deepl tool, you can reach learners around the world with just a few clicks!

At Teach on Mars, the new school year is all about foreign languages. Indeed, the solution has a brand new integration: Deepl. Deepl is the online translation tool that has broken records for quality in automatic translation. It was therefore a natural choice for Teach on Mars to simplify the translation of training content. By integrating Deepl, you can reduce the time it takes to make content available anywhere in the world, as well as reduce training updates.

How does it work?

Teach on Mars offers different packages for machine translation, each corresponding to a maximum quota of translated characters. This way, you can keep control of your translation budget while giving your international programs a boost.

Once integrated, the tool allows you to translate the structure of your training in one click, then each of your activities. The original media is retained, as is the formatting of your content. However, we can’t recommend enough that you proofread the content carefully: the best artificial intelligence can’t replace the human eye! Call on contacts, sponsors or ambassadors of the solution in the targeted countries to help you with this proofreading.

Today, no less than 27 languages are supported by Deepl (Ukrainian, added in September 2022, is the latest), allowing more than 700 possible combinations.

Translate freely

Good news never comes alone: in parallel with the integration of the machine translation tool, Teach on Mars has also worked to remove all character limitations on training content. Well known to our authors, these limitations have made it possible to ensure quality rendering on mobile applications, regardless of the screen size. Now, thanks to the democratization of smartphones and increasingly large screens, as well as an increasingly mature market in the creation of content for mobile, the decision has been made to abandon the restrictions in favor of greater creative freedom.

However, the Teach on Mars solution continues to support you in the creation of quality multilingual content: the limitations have been replaced by recommendations so that you can always be guided. In addition, our Academy continues to offer content co-creation workshops: our consultants are full of ideas and tips to spice up your training!

Now you can easily create and translate your multilingual content and allow learners from all over the world to have access to your learning! “Тепер ви можете легко створювати та перекладати багатомовний контент і надавати доступ до своїх знань учням по всьому світу!”

If you would like to learn more about the functional aspect of the tool, we invite you to read the article in our help center. You can also contact your account manager to learn more.