New features for September 2021

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It’s back to school time! To mark the occasion Skillsday and Cegos are livening up the Learning Station catalogue, our key-in-hand mobile training offer, with soft skills, managerial and specialist subjects, as well as other new products.

Soft skills – you can never have too many!

Test your adaptability with Cegos!

Recognizing different behavioral profiles, understanding your environment, adjusting your mindset in a given context and/or situation…find out more in the modules, “Success in your new job” and, “Personality styles: deepen your understanding of yourself and others”, either in a professional setting or for everyday life.

Awaken your creative potential!

Want to unleash your creative potential but unsure where to begin? Skillsday are launching “Creativity & Innovation” – a 50-minute course to boost creativity. Assert your creativity with techniques, tips and games! Cegos, meanwhile, has launched a 15-minute course entitled, “Creative problem resolving” which, as its name suggests, will provide you with all the keys to learn how to solve problems using original ideas.

learning station soft skills septembre 2021

A touch of management but that’s not all…

This month, Cegos is showcasing a compendium of 15-minute courses using web activities on transversal management, with the following titles:

  • The influencing strategy of transversal managers
  • Ensuring transversal coordination
  • The keys to communication for transversal managers
  • Transversal manager leadership


There are also more general management titles:

  • Digital transformation: facilitating the process
  • Tools for efficient decision making
  • Organizing tasks and responsibilities within a project

You’ll also find a few specialist courses with trainers in mind, such as, “6 keys for making your digital training a success”, “Practicing active listening in training” and the follow-up, “Debating and Handling objections”, aimed at sales staff.

leanring station management septembre 2021

A smattering of CSR with Skillsday

Corporate Social Responsibility is something not to be overlooked as we all know, many publishers who work with Teach on Mars regularly release new titles on the topic. This month, Skillsday is launching the course, “Diversity and inclusion in the workplace”, as well as a new version of, “Recruiting without discriminating”.

nouveautes rse skillsday septembre 2021

The Skillsday catalogue gets a new look

With a view to offering each learner a better user experience which is simpler and more seamless, Skillsday has been working over the last few weeks on optimizing its off-the-shelf training catalogue. To do so, the sub-categories have been deleted and access has been facilitated through the creation of 10 new categories with well identified sources:

  • Management & Leadership
  • Personal Development
  • Efficiency & Performance
  • Remote working
  • Sales
  • HR, Diversity & QWL
  • Digital & Innovation
  • Compliance
  • Project management
  • Purchasing

The aim being to find the course you’re looking for more easily!
Concurrently, the visual identity of categories and courses has been redesigned to offer a more refined image, one which is more modern and which better reflects the Skillsday identity. Although each of the courses in the catalogue has its very own identity (storytelling, graphic universe), they now all have the “Skillsday Touch” thanks to their own thumbnail.

Find all of these new products and our entire off-the-shelf offer in the Playlist or directly on the Teach on Mars application, which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play, along with the entire demo catalogue!