Training mobile teams 

Make training available to on-site teams including blue-collar workers, operators, travelling team members, etc. Provide them with an alternative to in-person or remote training programmes, tailored to their day-to-day needs.

A flexible solution, suited to the everyday activities of field staff​

Offer your teams training designed with their mobility in mind, with courses offering flexible modalities, suited to different working hours, locations and conditions: designed for smartphones and tablets, accessible offline, and free from technological and material constraints, with almost instant access to content, short pedagogical activities and social features to keep in touch.

Learning Analitics

Practical training to develop and transmit skills

Proud of their technical expertise, your field staff are committed to maintaining, developing and transmitting their know-how. Beyond pre-service and ongoing training, provide them with a whole host of mobile digital modalities: interchange forums with mini homemade tutorials, interactive pedagogical videos, virtual site tours, co-development partnerships, (buddy system), handling test runs, games, serious games, surveys, etc.

A constantly up-to-date system and teams certified in the latest regulations. 

As regulations, techniques and processes change, update your training in just a few hours, deploy it among your target population and notify them directly via their mobile phone. Track their progression, schedule recall notifications and individually certify each learner who validates all of the necessary modules.

application de formation pour les professionnels en mobilité

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