It will soon be possible to send emails to your learners thanks to our new Mailchimp connector!

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Mailchimp is an online tool which enables you to create email lists and to send emails to audiences that you manage directly via the tool.


Daily Mission Center x Mailchimp synchronisation

The connector proposed by Teach on Mars allows you to synchronise your entire learning population in your Mission Center with Mailchimp. To control your Mailchimp billing, you can opt only to synchronise your target population. Each learner keeps the custom fields you have selected, which will enable you to divide up your Mailchimp audiences more easily later on.

As well as custom fields, there are also key dates to help you run specific campaigns:

  • the date of last activity on the app, so you can nudge your least active learners, send reminders or warn users of a possible deactivation (depending on GDPR obligations),
  • the date of account creation in the Mission Center, so you can automate onboarding within the app,
  • lthe date of the last modification in the Mission Center, so you can inform learners of changes or remind them to update their profile if they haven’t done so for a while.

Synchronisation is updated daily based on the latest modifications in the Mission Center. The modifications made to your learners on Mailchimp do not affect Mission Center learner accounts.

Prerequisite: you must have a Mailchimp account to benefit from this integration.


Emails templates to make your life easier!

To simplify matters, Teach on Mars’ Mailchimp Connector package includes email templates you can use as the basis for your future campaigns.

The offer includes 5 different templates to use in the following situations:

  • Onboarding : welcome your new learners and help them take their first steps in the app.
  • Onboarding follow-up: nudge learners who have not connected to the app since signing up.
  • Reminder: remind learners who have been inactive for X days or weeks, and rekindle their desire to learn by showing them all your new features.
  • Reminder 1 month before deactivation: warn leaners whose accounts are about to be deactivated if they fail to connect to the app (depending on GDPR obligations).
  • Reminder 7 days prior to deactivation: warn your learners of the imminent risk of account deactivation (also depending on GDPR obligations).

You can also use Mailchimp to create your own targeted communication campaigns, by splitting up your synchronised audience. For example, you can effortlessly announce a new learning pathway aimed exclusively at Business Consultants in Canada, or maybe even specifically targeting learners who were last active more than 3 weeks ago.


Train & communicate

In a nutshell, with MailChimp you can:

  1. easily manage your synchronised learners form the Mission Center,
  2. promote your application by sending newsletters, targeted announcements and training campaigns,
  3. analyse the performance of your campaigns.

Keep in touch with your learners and foster their interest in the app.


The Mailchimp connector feature is not included in the licence fee and is subject to invoicing. It will be available by the end of the year.