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After certificate management in the Mission Center, Teach on Mars is providing new and highly-rated feedback: communication archiving. 


Before we bid farewell to spring, Teach on Mars is announcing a new and hotly-anticipated feature to tidy up the Wall of your app.

Very soon, Mission Center administrators will be able to sift through communications and archive whatever is no longer up to date.

The feature has three main objectives:

  • to enable Mission Center administrators and Community Managers to provide users with an updated Wall
  • to also allow them to keep engagement statistics for archived communications – and to reactivate them if required
  • to offer greater clarity and readability for a smoother communications administration experience.


How does archiving really work?

Archiving communications will be done in a single click: a new icon will appear to allow the administrator to change the communication status.

All that’s left to do is to confirm that you wish to archive.

You can then filter the communications page according to status, so that you only see communications that are online or, on the contrary, only those which are archived. You can make an archived communication visible at any time by changing its status to ‘online’.

In terms of statistics, you will now be able to recover information from archived communications, as well as published communications.

And for learners?

For learners it’s very simple: archived communications are no longer visible on the Wall. This means that if a learner has commented or favourited a communication that you are archiving; they won’t be able to find it as long as its status is ‘archived’.
If you un-archive the communication, everything will reappear on the Wall, including comments, likes and favourites.

Hotly-anticipated feedback

Communications archiving was among the top 10 feedbacks on the platform and we were sure it would prove popular and come as a relief to many of our clients.

Why not browse our feedback platform and read feedback from other clients, post your ideas and vote for the features of tomorrow!

For more information, please contact your CSM or sales manager.
The communications archiving feature is included in the licence fee.
Communications archiving will be released at the end of the summer.