A record-breaking June for off-the-shelf content in the Teach on Mars catalogue!

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This month, the off-the-shelf training catalogue sees the unprecedented release of more than 20 new courses on soft skills, leadership and innovation. The result is a super-stimulating Marketplace as summer approaches.

An increasingly comprehensive offer

Thanks to all of our partner publishers, we’re very proud to announce that we now have more than 150 titles and 200 hours of mobile-first off-the-shelf content, available immediately for inclusion in your own Teach on Mars portal.

So which category is top of the pops? Your Learning Station Playlist gives pride of place to the innovation and soft skills categories, widely represented in our new releases of the month, but closely followed by those dedicated to human resources, management and sales & customer relations!

New releases for improved learner engagement

This month, some twenty up-to-the-minute new releases are yours to explore, mainly produced by publisher Kokoroe, who we featured last month.

Firstly, in terms of management courses, users can now learn how to:

  • Establish their position and motivate others as new managers (with SkillsDay),
  • Learn the ABC of participative management (with Kokoroe),
  • Develop leadership (with Kokoroe),
  • Learn how to make the right decisions (with Kokoroe).

Professional effectiveness has also been catered for, with three additions to this category:

  • Effectiveness at work is now! (by SkillsDay),
  • Organisation and tools for effectiveness at work (by Kokoroe),
  • Manage your time and priorities (by Kokoroe).

Kokoroe conquers the Marketplace!

With its entertaining tone, short videos and varied resources, Kokoroe also teaches learners how to brush up on soft skills. The publisher invites your employees to further their self-development with the following titles:

  • Overcome fear of failure,
  • Dare to be yourself,
  • Get out of your comfort zone,
  • Understand how to manage stress.

And last but not least, whether it’s to better understand it, cultivate or benefit from it, this new collection should inspire learners curious about innovation in the following areas:

  • Technological innovation:
  • UX: decoding a new key skill,
  • Understanding the impact of artificial intelligence,
  • Going beyond commonplace computer code,
  • Creative innovation courses include adopting design thinking, generating ideas, and maintaining collective creativity,
  • Marketing innovation titles focus on LinkedIn (starting on the right foot), customer experience in a time of disruption, and emotional marketing.

To learn more about this publisher’s philosophy, read the feature we wrote on them at the launch of their collection, which will consist of just under 40 titles by next month.