New features for June 2021

New features for June 2021

What’s new this June in your Teach on Mars app? Discover all the Search function enhancements and personalize gamified activities with ready-to-use graphic resources. Meanwhile in the Learning Station, publishers Cegos, Skillsday and Action on Line are supplementing the catalogue with new summer releases.

Searches which go further…

Last October, we presented the developments and new features of our search engine in your Teach on Mars application:

performance: in addition to training course information (title, description, tags), key words can be searched for in the module titles, activity name and even the learning content, including in the Toolboxes and articles published on the Wall.
intelligence: just like big name search engines, key words are analyzed and results take into account typos, spelling errors, homophones and synonyms.
indexing: results where the key word being looked for is the most relevant (for example if it is contained in the title of the content) are presented first. Results are also pushed to the top when they are in the learner’s language of choice.

To find out more about all the new features of our search engine read the article, “The new training course search engine is coming”.

moteur de recherche app teach on mars

Graphic personalization for your courses

Sushi Game, Fill the Gap, Quiz Game, Wordspool – a whole host of Teach on Mars gamified activities which can be personalized to your liking and to suit your course offering. The only spanner in the works may be that you don’t dispose of the design resources needed to graphically customize courses. Teach on Mars can now provide you with several different graphic resource kits to download directly from our Help Centre. Zen, origami, space, office…the 7 collections, which come in a range of designs and colors, are sure to pep up and add character to your games.

kit ressources graphiques collection cafe

Quiz Game, Wordspool, Sushi Game – Café Collection

New off-the-shelf courses

Once again this month, Teach on Mars’ Learning Station is offering new key-in-hand content, ready to deploy on your application. Whether you’re preparing for the autumn reentry or you simply wish to take advantage of the summer to hone skills, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for!

Agile in all circumstances

Perhaps you thought that after the release of the new educational web series, our partner publisher Cegos would be taking a break? Well think again, because 3 new themes are now available! Three new courses combine agility with project management:

• Getting a new project off to a great start
• Agile project: developing team autonomy
• Customer relations as part of an agile project

To apply these agility recommendations, why not round off your exploration by discovering the workplace training best practices? How can you create a positive training context and encourage objectivity? Get the lowdown. The adventure continues with 2 courses which help you to get to grips with telephone communication.

learning station juin 2021 agilite

Back to the office, soft skills and artificial intelligence

This June, Skillsday is offering a range of topical subjects:

Back to the office > Back to work: to help your managers navigate this new transition
• Leading hybrid and remote meetings: for ever-more smooth-running remote working,
• Discover artificial intelligence: to fully grasp a subject which is radically transforming our world each day.

And because these changes can cause upheaval, let’s continue to focus on soft skills and emotional intelligence with these two courses packed with exercises and practical advice to help you to develop better relationships:

• The art of listening > Active listening
• Employee conflict management > managing conflicts in the workplace (employees)

This June, turn your attention to management, soft skills and innovation with Skillsday. The Learning Station is ready and waiting to help you to discover them. Customers who have signed up for the unlimited catalogue option for one of these two publishers, (or both!), can access these new features upon simple request. Just click on contact us.

Something new in terms of finance!

Take note all those wishing to upgrade the financial literacy of managers and teams: Action on Line is expanding its ultra-accessible collection with financial analysis basics. Don’t miss out!

• Learn to be more at ease with profitability analysis tools, so that your financial vision has the resources to match its ambitions.
• Do you want to be able to extract data indispensable for financial analysis from income statements? This course has what you’re looking for!
• Wondering about the need for working capital to reassure your lenders? The course: “Financing your operating cycle” is for you!
• Finally, Action on Line demonstrates how to fulfil your financial commitments.

learning station juin 2021 action on line

These instructive and comprehensive courses teach you all you need to know to enhance skills and make each day a new opportunity to learn. Discover the course, and lots more besides, on the Learning Station!

Find all of these new products and our entire off-the-shelf offer in the Playlist or directly on the Teach on Mars application, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play, along with the entire demo catalogue!

LTDX 2.0: Accelerating the digital transformation of a luxury brand

LTDX 2.0: Accelerating the digital transformation of a luxury brand

Teach on Mars looks forward to welcoming you on 25 June at 2:15 p.m. for the second edition of the Learning Technologies Digital Experience, where Clémentine Thenet will host a conference entitled, “Accelerating the digital transformation of a luxury brand”.

Digital training: from strategy to practice

Last February saw the first edition of the Learning Technologies Digital Experience – a 100% virtual event dedicated to the digital training issues of tomorrow. Vincent Desnot and Tiphaine Duchet had the opportunity to host the conference, “Developing learning culture within organisations: a lasting investment!”. With a large number of speakers and thousands of participants attending the conference, the organisation decided to schedule a second edition from 21 June to 2 July 2021 with the theme: “Digital training: from strategy to practice”.

Luxury and digital transformation

On 25 June, Clémentine Thenet, Customer Success Manager at Teach on Mars looks forward to welcoming you at 2:15 p.m. (GMT +2) for a conference about the transformation of luxury brands. The luxury industry is undergoing substantial changes! The client experience is changing and invents itself daily, consumers expect products which make a positive impact on the environment and on society. Digital technology is part and parcel of this far-reaching transformation. Providing the example of an emblematic brand, Clémentine will whisk you away on a journey to the heart of digital cultural integration, where technology is human-centred.

Get your free pass here!

Teach on Mars Support benefitting the user experience

Teach on Mars Support benefitting the user experience

Because for us, the client experience and user support matter most, today we’re giving you a short overview of all the ways you can share and exchange with the Teach on Mars teams.

Narrow your search using the Support form

Need help using your Teach on Mars application and looking for a quick and accurate answer? Create a ticket by filling out the form provided in the Help Center. The fields you fill out enable the Support team to identify your needs and give an answer which offers as much information as possible within a short space of time.

Get easy answers thanks to the Help Center

For a fast answer, nothing beats the Teach on Mars Help Center. Split into 9 categories, it tells you everything there is to know about your mobile learning solution’s features. Use the search bar to effortlessly obtain answers to your questions by entering the most relevant key words, for example: “Scorm integration”, “image ratios”, “Sushi Game”, etc.

centre aide teach on mars

The Help Center is also available via the Teach on Mars mobile app, in the Profile tab by clicking Help.

Share information with the Community

Can’t find what you’re looking for in the Help Center? No worries, the Community is at hand to help you! Just like a support forum, this space, which can be accessed from the Help Center, lets you ask questions and obtain advice. Teach on Mars Academy consultants and other members of the Teach on Mars community can reply in the comments section and share their best practices with you. Split into 3 sections: Author, Communication and Mission Manager, in the space you can see other users’ questions and use existing answers to find what you’re looking for.

Optimize the way you use the Mission Center thanks to the “Help” button

Have you ever noticed the small, blue “Help” button to the right of your screen when you’re browsing the Mission Center? This section contains all the articles capable of addressing problems encountered when using the Mission Center. Early stages, course creation, learner management, sending communications, etc. All the useful links are at your disposal directly in your application’s back office. To top it all off, you can read articles linked to where you are in the Mission Center!

bouton aide mission center

Share your ideas via the feedback portal

Do you have any comments or suggestions to make as a Teach on Mars user? The feedback portal is here for you! Using it couldn’t be easier: simply post any suggestions about improvements, activities or features to the feedback portal. Every piece of feedback received is analyzed and categorized by the Feedback Manager and the entire user community can then consult it. A voting system allows users to vote for the ideas they find most interesting. Any feedback which brings clear benefits to the user experience and enhances the solution, is integrated gradually with product updates.

Pour ne rien manquer des mises à jour et nouveautés produit, n’hésitez pas à vous abonner à notre chaîne YouTube et à consulter régulièrement notre blog.

To make sure you don’t miss out on any updates or product news, subscribe to our YouTube channel and make regular visits to our blog.

New features for June 2021

New features for April 2021

This April, Teach on Mars is taking a closer look at the Learning Station’s many new features. There’s content covering various topics such as finance, management and CSR –there’s something for everybody!

Something new in finance

In addition to its considerable collection, which is already available on the Learning Station, this month, finance editor Action on Line, is unveiling a course with 3 new additions:

  1. Key concepts of supply and use tables
  2. Supply and use tables
  3. Cash flow statements

Ever wondered what a supply and use table is for? What are its special features? Or what Net Working Capital is (NWC)? This 3-stage course will provide you with all the information you need to understand how to use a Supply and Use Table in record time (no more than 20 minutes per course)!

The CSR challenge

Today more than ever, organizations need to invest in Corporate Social Responsibility. This implies no longer simply giving consideration to their own economic challenges, but also taking the environmental, social and ethical variables of their activities into account.

The Learning Station is helping you to tackle these new challenges, with a full category dedicated to them. Kokoroe and Edinovo are helping us to enhance it further with:

  • Gender equality – Adopting the right attitude
  • LGBTQI+: inclusion in the workplace
  • Accessibility: digital books for all!

Instructive and engaging, this content will allow you to sensitize your teams and bring about a change in practices in these areas, which have never been as topical as they are today.

lgbtqi+ kokoroe learning station

LQBTQI+ : inclusion in the workplace

livre accessibilite edinovolearning station

Accessibility: digital books for all!

Increasing workplace efficiency

In April, EdUP is providing no fewer than twenty new courses on pioneering subjects, with 8 on management and professional efficacy, including:

  • Using feedback for better management
  • Developing team spirit
  • Say farewell to procrastination!
  • Improving concentration at work

In addition, there is an expanded list of courses on soft skills, in the category of the same name. The courses include:

  • Asserting yourself while respecting others
  • Developing emotional intelligence
  • Active listening
  • Stress management for an easier life

Want to know more about this publisher? Get the low down in this month’s interview!

“MyStory” – an educational web series by Cegos

We’ve already filled you in on the tremendous potential web series offer as educational tools. Good news: web series can now be embedded in your application with the new Cegos MyStory format, providing you with a new, immersive mini-video 13-part series on management.

Synopsis: you follow manager Clara as she spends her first 100 days on the job. As the episodes go on, you see her carrying out her functions (“Leading my first meeting”, “Sharing my vision with the team”, “Refocusing”) and taking decisions. You receive feedback about what’s good to do and what’s best to avoid in similar situations, so you can adopt the best managerial practices.

Want to try it out yourself? Send your trial request to:

webserie my story cegos

The Teach on Mars team looks forward to seeing you in May to discover all the new features of the Teach on Mars solution. In the meantime, find all the Learning Station news in the Playlist or on the Teach on Mars application, which you can download on the App Store and on Google Play, along with the entire demo catalogue!

A larger-than-life digital product catalog

A larger-than-life digital product catalog

This spring, Teach on Mars is launching a new add-on which is sure to delight sales forces: the product catalog.

A product catalog at your fingertips

Retail sector stakeholders, it’s time to give a new lease of life to your product data sheet catalog! It can be a challenge for field teams to get accustomed to different product ranges, new products, variations in features and so on. For greater readability and accessibility, Teach on Mars can digitize your product catalog and integrate it to your training application!

catalogue produit categories et sous categories

Split your catalog into categories and sub-categories

catalogue app fiches produits

List your product data sheets by name and get easy access to features

It’s goodbye to paper catalogs which were hard to update, extremely inconsistent and environmentally unfriendly! From now on, your teams will be able to brush up on their skills whenever they have the opportunity (commuting to work, moments of low footfall, etc.) directly from their smartphone.

Thanks to this feature, you can create:

  • A personalized catalog, centered around the image of your brand with its logo and a choice of colors, navigation bar, icons, etc.
  • Smooth searches, by splitting your catalog into ranges and sub-ranges; group and organize all of your references as desired
  • Simplified access to information, by listing all your products by their full name

The advantage which makes all the difference

Have you ever had a customer who was hesitating between several products which all met the same needs? The catalog will help you to develop your arguments using the comparator. The following is an example for the cosmetics field: a customer is looking for a moisturizing day cream and is hesitating between 3 references. Using the catalog, choose the corresponding products and get a comparative summary according to feature, (skin type, ingredients, age range, etc.). This tool enables you to provide customers with accurate advice and to help them find the perfect product.

It is also an excellent way for sales teams to broaden their knowledge and to gain expertise, challenging themselves alone or as part of a group. Here are some examples

  • In cosmetics: which creams and serums contain hyaluronic acid?
  • In prêt-à-porter: which scarf references contain wool?
  • In mobile telephony, which mobile offers are valid abroad?
catalogue produit app mobile comparateur

Compare several product references and advise your customers

An ally for your sales forces

Do you have overseas points of sale? Good news, the product catalog has a multi-language capacity with no character limitation! And so that your employees can use it wherever and whenever they want, the catalogue is accessible via smartphone, tablet and online.

To find out more about this option get in touch with your account manager!