Onboarding gets a makeover!

Onboarding gets a makeover!

What exactly is onboarding?

Onboarding is the training and support phase to familiarise users with the skills required for a specific tool.
At Teach on Mars, this familiarisation process revolves around two components: “AUTHOR” support for the creation of mobile learning training courses and “MISSION MANAGER” support for managing the application from the Mission Center or applications backoffice.

Onboarding can be taught through a variety of programmes. At Teach on Mars, we have chosen to get our customers and partners onboard with a new blended format, combining digital learning and support sessions.

What does Teach on Mars onboarding actually involve?

Teach on Mars onboarding consists of three main stages:

1. A digital course on the Teach on Mars application, with the added bonus of certification

We give you dedicated access to our “Academy” category so that you can take advantage of mobile training programmes on training design and administration of the Mission Center. This will give you a better idea of the breadth of the possibilities offered by the Teach on Mars solution, while also allowing you to take your first steps in a mobile training application. Once you’ve completed the two “Author” and “Mission Manager” courses, you’re invited to take the certification module to validate your knowledge. This certificate, that you’ll receive directly via email, is the key to accessing the next step of your onboarding journey.

Modality: individual and asynchronous exploratory training

2.Face-to-face or remote support session

Our Success Facilitators will support you to put your knowledge into practice. It’s now time for you to create your first courses and take your first steps in the Mission Center! For this next phase, we adapt to your needs: sessions can take place either face-to-face or via video-conference. The only one key word here is practice! We start from your projects to build effective courses together and facilitate use of the Mission Center in a way that corresponds to your own processes.

Modality: group and synchronous training

3. Mobile Learning FabLab, THE meeting place for mobile learning project leaders

Once you’ve obtained your certification, you can register for a session at the Mobile Learning FabLab (every Friday in Paris). This is an opportunity for you to continue your onboarding with other learning designers and administrators who are also developing solutions that could inspire you. It’s the perfect place for putting mobile learning into practice and sharing your experiences. The Mobile Learning FabLab has similarities with the 70/20/10 model: after training (10% of the learning process), Teach on Mars gives pride of place to discussion (20%) and practical implementation (70%)!

Modality: synchronous support and group sharing of best practices

Teach on Mars onboarding course

Teach on Mars onboarding course

What about international stakeholders?

We’re committed to providing the same services for all our customers and partners around the world. Our onboarding course is available in English so that it can be immediately rolled out to your markets and countries. A video-conferencing version of Mobile Learning FabLab is currently under construction, and our Success Facilitators are dedicated to making sure that all project stakeholders acquire the necessary skills.

Teach on Mars onboarding in a nutshell

We built this course to give you your first “blended mobile” experience so that you can step into the shoes of your future learners!
From a “Project” point of view, this course makes sure you waste no time. Training can start immediately, and be made available to all stakeholders to ensure they stay engaged.
The “in-app” course continues to be accessible and has no time limits: even once trained, you keep all the information you need at your fingertips.

Last but not least, Teach on Mars onboarding allows you to optimise your budget in order to maximise your efficiency.

Would you like to know more about our onboarding course, or sign up for it*?
Contact academy@teachonmars.com or your account manager as soon as possible.

* The onboarding course is only open to users of the Teach on Mars solutions.

Teach on Mars brings customers and partners together for its first Partner Forum

Teach on Mars brings customers and partners together for its first Partner Forum

On 8 March 2018, 200 Teach on Mars customers and partners were together in Paris for the start-up’s first ever Partner Forum. This gala evening featured the Mobile Learning Awards, honouring the best mobile training content in 5 different categories, with the added bonus of a Special Academy Favourite Prize and a Jury Grand Prix trophy. It was an emotional ceremony at a glittering event that bore eloquent testimony to the energy and the passion at the heart of the Teach on Mars ecosystem.

This first Partner Forum is destined to go down as a landmark in the development of Teach on Mars – for the first time since its creation, the start-up played host to all of its partners and customers in one place. An important, and one that Vincent Desnot, Teach on Mars CEO, who inaugurated the ceremony, clearly found quite moving.

A shared vision of the changes taking place in learning and development

The highlight of the evening was eagerly awaited by partners in contention for the 2018 Mobile Learning Awards. The winners seemed particularly moved to have their work recognized – a fitting reward for authors who have believed in the power of mobile learning through Teach on Mars technology.

Les lauréats des Mobile Learning Awards avec leurs trophées, créés par Woodmorning

Winners of the Mobile Learning Awards with their exclusive trophies designed by Woodmorning

Winners of the 2018 Mobile Learning Awards

Best course in the CUSTOMER category
Les Poupées Russes and Acqua di Parma (LVMH Group) for “Finding Pura”

Best course in the PROFESSIONAL category
Groupe DMM for “Journey to the heart of relational excellence”

Best course in the CSR category
Diversity Conseil for “Discrimination-free recruitment”

Best course in the EXTRA-PROFESSIONAL category
i-ELS and its Smart Coaching programme “Mindfulness for families”

Best course in the SOFT SKILLS category
SkillsDay for “Social Selling”

Special Academy Favourite Prize
Bordeaux Wine School – CIVB for “Wine tasting”

Jury Grand Prix
SkillsDay for “Social Selling”


Teach on Mars news: Marketplace and FabLab

The evening was also an opportunity to make some exciting announcements. The Teach on Earth initiative, presented by Vincent Desnot, was been set up to lend practical technological support to important causes by facilitating the availability of mobile learning solutions. Two projects have been created for Ecpat France and Inkhata, and others are in the pipeline.

The event also marked the official launch of the Teach on Mars Marketplace. A hundred off-the-shelf training programmes have already been listed and divided into 11 categories, ensuring better visibility of their flagship content for publishers and a great way for buyers to expand their training catalogue easily and effectively!

The Teach on Mars Academy also took advantage of the occasion to officially award the first Teach on Mars Author Accreditations to six early-adopter partners. Earned through their performance in a series of rigorous theoretical and practical tests, this accreditation is a fitting reward for this first generation of mobile learning authors. And for Teach on Mars it’s a critical guarantee of the quality of service it offers its customers through its certified partner network. Congratulations to them all!

Teach on Mars Partner Forum : Presentation of Accreditation Diplomas to newly-certified Teach on Mars authors

Presentation of Accreditation Diplomas to newly-certified Teach on Mars authors

Another special announcement was the opening of the new Mobile Learning FabLab. This project is the result of a partnership between Teach on Mars and IFCAM, the Crédit Agricole bank corporate university. Free public workshops will be held every Friday at IFCAM’s premises in Rue la Boétie, Paris, allowing owners of mobile learning projects to exchange ideas, work together, devise mobile training content … and maybe even prepare for next year’s Mobile Learning Awards?

A big thank you to all the onstage presenters and those who worked tirelessly backstage to make this event such a success. See you all next year!

The 2018 Partner Forum in figures and images

Teach on Mars Partner Forum 2018 in numbers and pictures



Watch the video of the event:


See photos of the evening on the Partner Forum website. 

What they said on social media…

Proud and delighted to win this award in the “Professional” category with “Journey to the heart of relational excellence” during #MobileLearning Awards @TeachonMarsfr ! A great consecration for the entire team

Professional category awards ceremony for DMM #TOMFP18

“Thanks to @TeachonMarsfr for giving the “Best course” award in the Extra-Professional category to the #MindfulnessForFamilies app. Take a look it if you haven’t done so 😉 >>> http://www.smart-coaching.net/application/mindfulness-pour-enfants/

Very excited to be at @VillageCAParis with the @My_Mooc team for the first @TeachonMarsfr Partner Forum !
A strong partnership which allows elearning designers using the Teach on Mars solution to improve their visibility through our platform #TOMPF18

#TOMPF18 congratulations to the winners, thank you, and bravo to @TeachonMarsfr for this superb evening. See you next year! #mobile #learning

TOMPF18 It was a very nice #MobileLearningAwards ceremony organised by our startup company @TeachonMarsfr! Bravo for the special announcement about the opening of the 1st #mobilelearning #FabLab with @IFCAM


Acqua di Parma enters a whole new world with Mobile Learning

Acqua di Parma enters a whole new world with Mobile Learning

Last year saw the learning and development department of the Italian cosmetic brand launch its mobile revolution in partnership with Teach on Mars. The objective was simple, yet strategically critical:  take advantage of the launch of the new fragrance Colonia Pura to offer a new gamified learning tool to its worldwide network of beauty counsellors (BCs).

Logo Acqua di Parma

2017 marked a milestone for Acqua di Parma, with the brand completely rethinking the way it communicates with customers. Simple product displays were out, replaced by a marketing strategy designed to really tell the story of the brand. The launch of the brand’s latest fragrance, Colonia Pura, was the perfect occasion to share this new approach with beauty counsellors all around the world.


A new gamified tool for a new communication strategy

The digital learning transition was already well underway for Acqua di Parma, as Eleonora Carrarelli, International Trainer, explains : “We already relied on an e-learning platform to support our blended learning approach. But this time, we wanted something new.” The Acqua di Parma Education & Sell-Out Development Team team was determined to get closer to the beauty counsellors’ needs, but also to offer trainers their first real gamified tool. In order to meet the operational constraints of the launch of Colonia Pura, it was important that the chosen solution be based on tried and tested technology. “When we started our search for the gamified tool of our dreams, we discovered a whole new world. It was exciting and fascinating!  It was our first mobile project, and we needed to be reassured and guided. I first heard about Teach on Mars at a meeting of the LVMH Brand Education Committee, where L&D teams from across the LVMH group meet to exchange best practices. I was in a working group focusing on digital learning technology, and the Teach on Mars mobile learning solution came up because some of my peers were already using it. I spoke to them about their experience with the solution and the feedback was really positive.”

Application Finding Pura

A blended learning approach

The high level of learning activity customization possible was one of the particularly attractive aspects of the Teach on Mars technology. The mobile tool was built into a larger overall blended learning approach, and the team decided to make it the final step of the learning process. “The BCs got access to the mobile app after a classroom session introducing them to all the practical aspects of the new product, and after getting a certification via a test they had to complete online.” Once deployed, however, the mobile app also produced other, unexpected results and benefits. “We found we could actually reach people who could not go to classroom sessions, such as distributors or multibrand BCs.”


Telling the story of Mr. C…

In line with the strategy of the brand to “tell the story of Acqua di Parma”, the L&D team imagined a new approach to training beauty counsellors on Colonia Pura, using… storytelling, of course! “It was an opportunity for BCs to get to know not only the new fragrance, but also the new brand. Everything was woven together.” Using the various types of activities Teach on Mars provides, the team co-created “Finding Pura”, a treasure hunt-style narrative that has the learner in search of the mysterious Acqua di Parma customer, Mr. C.
Each activity offers the learner new insights into Mr. C’s habits, what he likes and what he does… Short videos are also used, as pieces of a puzzle that formed the broader advertising campaign for Colonia Pura. A completely new, original and engaging way of telling the story of the new product.

Finding Pura activities

A worldwide launch, and objectives reached in 4 months

With this new learning app being a first for Acqua di Parma, there was a lot at stake, and the launch had to be well prepared and well organized. Several official teasers were sent to the BCs, and the central team worked in close collaboration with local trainers who spread the message of the brand new learning tool. Finally the big day arrived with the official launch across 20 countries (including Travel Retail): “I was checking the deployment ratio on the Mission Center every two seconds! We sent weekly reports to the markets and in 4 months we had actually exceeded our target of reaching 250 BC.!”

This new way of learning has been widely adopted by BCs, especially by the youngest ones. “It’s quick and easy to access, plus they can follow the activities offline. That’s perfect if you need a specific item of information: in one second, you get it!” After checking the KPIs, Eleonora noticed that the BCs not only downloaded the app, but spent more time on it than expected: they return to it over and over again, creating a mobile learning habit.

Given the huge success of this first foray into mobile learning for the Italian brand, a new application project is already in preparation. “We want to enlarge the project. This time, it won’t be only one training course but a bigger platform, including a link to the Finding Pura app. When something goes well, you must aim to do even better the next time! We’re ready for the challenge!”


4 best practices when starting a Mobile Learning project, by Eleonora Carrarelli, International Trainer for Acqua di Parma

  1. Read widely on the topic : “Vocabulary is very important. Before starting a mobile learning project, learn about what gamification really means, understand the difference between a L&D platform and a native platform.. The more you know, the quicker you’ll be in a position to make your decision.”
  2. Choose the right supplier : “Word of mouth is probably the best way to choose right: by using the experience of others, you’ll be more comfortable choosing one supplier instead of another.”
  3. Learn by doing : “Immerse yourself in the digital world, and trust your supplier!”
  4. Keep the faith : “At first, things might seem blurry, and you might feel overwhelmed with all the new concepts and information. Relax, things will get easier in time!”
BNPP IRB L&D: a new mobile learning offer for international use

BNPP IRB L&D: a new mobile learning offer for international use

BNP Paribas is the largest bank in the Eurozone and has an international presence in 74 countries. The International Retail Banking (IRB) division alone employs 42,000 staff in branches and Business Centers worldwide. Training them is the mission of the L&D team based at the company’s head office in Rueil-Malmaison. With help from the Teach on Mars platform, learning has been given a new lease of life in the IRB division by adapting programs to the expectations and new mobile lifestyle habits of learners.

Simplicity and speed

Flexibility and independent content creation were the key requirements of the L&D team, and precisely what attracted them to the Teach on Mars solution. Christian de Broissia, Training Project Manager, explains: “We wanted to be able to adapt to our learners, and offer them the training content they need right when they need it, and that’s exactly what Teach on Mars has allowed us to do.”

As well as satisfying end users, the bank also needs to ensure that in-house training requirements are met: “In today’s world, our in-house customers are looking for short, time-efficient training courses. We need to be ready to act fast so we can create interactive, fun and engaging modules quickly.”

The ATAWAD model, an invaluable asset for large-scale training

The L&D team also uses an in-house video studio to create interactive training capsules. The ATAWAD (Any Time, AnyWhere, Any Device) format is perfect for learners on the move who don’t always have a good Internet connection. Yong Liu, who joined the Mobile Learning team a few months ago to help create and deploy content, is particularly aware of this advantage: “Users simply download the training program and can then follow it wherever they want, when they want, and on the terminal of their choosing. They don’t even need to be on-line. It’s very helpful in Africa, where mobile usage is even more widespread than in Europe.”

Mobile-device technology is well established as an effective way to reach the youngest populations in countries where mobile use is particularly prevalent. The pilot scheme was therefore initially launched for managers in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Mali, Burkina Faso and Guinea.

First mission: train project lead managers in lean management

Before any mobile content could be created, Teach on Mars had to first undergo a series of security audits. After getting the green light from IT, the dedicated team at BNP Paribas created its first course consisting of 7 training sequences on lean management. The learning activities put heavy emphasis on interactivity, videos and gamification to keep learners engaged. Quizzes and battle activities are used in the learning program to consolidate knowledge acquisition.

“The initial feedback we’ve had has been from our sponsors. They really liked the punchy text which had to be adapted for mobile use and the attractiveness of the app.” As the solution was only launched in early January, it’s still too early to measure its impact and significance. This hasn’t stopped work on new mobile learning projects, however. “We’re the first entity at BNP Paribas to have launched a dedicated training app. After presenting it, we felt a real sense of enthusiasm from other departments who are keen to get started on their own Mobile Learning adventure.”

"Journey to the heart of relational excellence", one of the new mobile learning initiatives about to be released for employees in the BNPP IRB division. 

“Journey to the heart of relational excellence”, one of the new mobile learning initiatives about to be released for employees in the BNPP IRB division. 

Four best practices for successfully launching a Mobile Learning project

    “Security is of course a critical issue in a group such as BNP Paribas. Teach on Mars passed the security audits of our IT department, but it’s important to anticipate this audit phase well ahead of time.”
    “Engaging senior management in the undertaking is a key factor in determining whether this type of project will be successful. In our first lean management learning program, we added an introductory video from a senior executive explaining the importance of lean management to the bank. The video encouraged everyone to get involved.”
    “At the start of the project, you don’t necessarily realize how much work will be involved. It all looks very exciting and a lot of fun, but it’s also very hard work and if you want to produce content quickly, you need genuine commitment from the team.”
    “Employees need to be fully aware that we’re offering them a bona fide learning programme here. Mobile Learning isn’t a gimmick and it’s not a one-off event. It’s something new that requires effective communication.”

The BNPP IRB L&D team are already at work creating new training programmes to expand the catalogue of their mobile learning app. Upcoming publications will include an onboarding module for new employees and a training course on icebreakers.

Whatever the topics they focus on, these new programmes will always reflect the philosophy of “the bank for a changing world”!

Bitcoin has landed for the third episode of Mars Attacks!

Bitcoin has landed for the third episode of Mars Attacks!

The wait is over! The third episode of the Mars Attacks! series is due for release on 1 March. Head over to the Teach on Mars app to immerse yourself in the mysterious but exciting world of bitcoin and cryptocurrency!

You may have already heard about the new currency known as bitcoin, and the revolutionary blockchain technology that has massive potential in so many different areas. What is it exactly? What’s a bitcoin? Can you really buy things with it? How does it work? And what’s the connection with blockchain?

In this third episode of the Mars Attacks! series, we give you the lowdown on this topic!

The Teach on Mars app is free and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play