Training gets new shake-up with Teach on Mars’ Shake’n’Learn

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Perhaps you’re already familiar with the Shake to Shuffle option in the iPhone music app. That cool little feature that lets you shuffle your songs with a simple shake of your smartphone. Now our Martian innovation team enable you to put this innovation to work in your mobile learning solution with Teach on Mars’ Shake‘n’Learn.

With the frantic pace of life today, we all instinctively seek to use our time as creatively and effectively as possible… So, while we’re waiting for an appointment, stuck in public transport, on a coffee break, wherever, the reflex is to start quickly browsing our smartphone looking for something useful to fill those few minutes of precious time.  Today, Teach on Mars offers you the opportunity to turn every moment into a potential learning moment in a fun and constructive way thanks to Shake‘n’Learn.

Shake your smartphone and take up the challenge!

Give your phone a shake from the app homepage and Shake’n’learn will bring up a pop-up window and offer you an activity to launch.


Shake'n'learn activity by Teach on Mars - mobile learning solution
All you have to do is launch the activity and take up the challenge.

The Shake’n’Learn environment

Every morning, you make the same underground trip.  It’s not a long trip really, but all the same you’d prefer to be able to use the time to review one of those training activities you’ve been working on rather than just gazing at passing stations. A little like Aladdin with his lamp, you only have to shake your phone to make your wish come true.

Let our algorithm do the work of choosing a suitable activity that fits in with your current training programme. It may suggest a mini learning game such as a Challenge, Wordspool or Pick a Word where you failed to get the required score previously, or one that you haven’t completed for a while. Whatever it is, this activity will help your progress through your training program, anchoring new knowledge and building new skills.