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This April, Teach on Mars is taking a closer look at the Learning Station’s many new features. There’s content covering various topics such as finance, management and CSR –there’s something for everybody!

Something new in finance

In addition to its considerable collection, which is already available on the Learning Station, this month, finance editor Action on Line, is unveiling a course with 3 new additions:

  1. Key concepts of supply and use tables
  2. Supply and use tables
  3. Cash flow statements

Ever wondered what a supply and use table is for? What are its special features? Or what Net Working Capital is (NWC)? This 3-stage course will provide you with all the information you need to understand how to use a Supply and Use Table in record time (no more than 20 minutes per course)!

The CSR challenge

Today more than ever, organizations need to invest in Corporate Social Responsibility. This implies no longer simply giving consideration to their own economic challenges, but also taking the environmental, social and ethical variables of their activities into account.

The Learning Station is helping you to tackle these new challenges, with a full category dedicated to them. Kokoroe and Edinovo are helping us to enhance it further with:

  • Gender equality – Adopting the right attitude
  • LGBTQI+: inclusion in the workplace
  • Accessibility: digital books for all!

Instructive and engaging, this content will allow you to sensitize your teams and bring about a change in practices in these areas, which have never been as topical as they are today.

lgbtqi+ kokoroe learning station

LQBTQI+ : inclusion in the workplace

livre accessibilite edinovolearning station

Accessibility: digital books for all!

Increasing workplace efficiency

In April, EdUP is providing no fewer than twenty new courses on pioneering subjects, with 8 on management and professional efficacy, including:

  • Using feedback for better management
  • Developing team spirit
  • Say farewell to procrastination!
  • Improving concentration at work

In addition, there is an expanded list of courses on soft skills, in the category of the same name. The courses include:

  • Asserting yourself while respecting others
  • Developing emotional intelligence
  • Active listening
  • Stress management for an easier life

Want to know more about this publisher? Get the low down in this month’s interview!

“MyStory” – an educational web series by Cegos

We’ve already filled you in on the tremendous potential web series offer as educational tools. Good news: web series can now be embedded in your application with the new Cegos MyStory format, providing you with a new, immersive mini-video 13-part series on management.

Synopsis: you follow manager Clara as she spends her first 100 days on the job. As the episodes go on, you see her carrying out her functions (“Leading my first meeting”, “Sharing my vision with the team”, “Refocusing”) and taking decisions. You receive feedback about what’s good to do and what’s best to avoid in similar situations, so you can adopt the best managerial practices.

Want to try it out yourself? Send your trial request to:

webserie my story cegos

The Teach on Mars team looks forward to seeing you in May to discover all the new features of the Teach on Mars solution. In the meantime, find all the Learning Station news in the Playlist or on the Teach on Mars application, which you can download on the App Store and on Google Play, along with the entire demo catalogue!

[Press Release] LumApps announces the acquisition of Teach on Mars, the leader in microlearning in Europe

[Press Release] LumApps announces the acquisition of Teach on Mars, the leader in microlearning in Europe

LumApps, the B2B SaaS scale-up revolutionizing the intranet, is acquiring the French start-up Teach on Mars. Starting from December2023, the teams of Teach on Mars (50 collaborators) will join LumApps (300collaborators); and the 5 million users of the scale-up will be able to access the mobile learning solution directly from their digital workplace.