[Press Release] LumApps announces the acquisition of Teach on Mars, the leader in microlearning in Europe

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Press Release


[Paris, December 4, 2023]. LumApps, the B2B SaaS scale-up revolutionizing the intranet, is acquiring the French start-up Teach on Mars. Starting from December 2023, the teams of Teach on Mars (50 collaborators) will join LumApps (300 collaborators); and the 5 million users of the scale-up will be able to access the mobile learning solution directly from their digital workplace.


LumApps is a B2B SaaS solution that develops integrated and innovative intranets for large European and international companies. In addition to orchestrating internal company communications, LumApps centralizes, within a single platform, all resources and business applications (productivity tools, HR systems, ticketing tools, CRM, ERP, SCM, etc.) used by the company. Thus, from a single portal, employees can connect to all their work tools, communicate with the rest of the company, access information and resources, and automate a number of recurring tasks. And starting from December, they will be able to learn and train directly from the platform.


The intranet of tomorrow: inform, do, and train


Since its inception, LumApps has worked closely with its clients (Airbus, LVMH, Publicis Sapiens, Veolia, RATP, etc.) to best meet their needs and adapt agilely to the changing challenges of their industries. Through these interactions, the scale-up identified that training teams, particularly operational ones, represented a significant challenge that traditional elearning solutions only partially addressed (long and generic formats, laborious access to the LMS, etc.).

In contrast, Teach on Mars specializes in mobile learning. The Sophia Antipolis-based start-up provides companies with a digital solution that addresses their challenges in skill development, employer branding, and a unique learning experience. This 100% mobile technology offers a new perspective on training: accessible, intuitive, immersive, social, gamified, and innovative.

Thus, the acquisition of the solution will enable LumApps to offer all employees of client companies, whether in the field, on the move, or in the office:

  • Short learning formats (3-5 minutes), playful, enhanced by AI,
  • Accessible on mobile and the web everywhere, all the time,
  • Directly integrated into their daily workspace.


With this fourth acquisition, LumApps adds a fundamental feature to its service portfolio,
addressing various challenges in the employee experience: communication, operational efficiency, and training. In doing so, LumApps becomes the only player in the market to offer such a comprehensive solution, significantly expanding its accessible potential market.


“With the acquisition of Teach on Mars, we add a new component to our platform that becomes the only integrated intranet with all business applications, adapted to large enterprises, allowing employees to access company information, communicate with peers, increase productivity, and now, learn and train. I am very impressed with the journey of Teach on Mars, which is the first mobile learning solution in Europe. We want to build, together, a visionary solution for the future of work in the enterprise.”


Sébastien Ricard, CEO of LumApps

White-collar, blue-collar


By revolutionizing communication, collaboration, and the employee experience for companies, LumApps historically addresses office employees. For several years, the scale-up has invested in developing solutions tailored to the needs of mobile teams; a success confirmed by the adoption of the intranet by companies with strong field coordination challenges, such as Leclerc or RATP. The acquisition of Teach on Mars, primarily targeting operational teams, will allow LumApps to offer an even more relevant solution to this type of user, thereby strengthening its presence in associated industries (retail, transport, manufacturing, etc.).

“We have been using the Teach on Mars solution to train our sales staff for almost 10 years and have seen this start-up grow to become a leader in mobile learning solutions. LumApps has been our internal communication platform since 2020. I am very positive about this merger, which should enable us to develop synergies to create a powerful learning ecosystem for Clarins employees and accelerate the development of innovative features.”


Claire DELOUIS, Digital Learning & Innovation Director – CLARINS

A strategic step in LumApps’ development


This new acquisition also confirms LumApps’ intention, recognized as an industry leader in the recent Gartner Magic Quadrant publication in its category, to continue its growth. With €100 million raised since its inception, LumApps is now profitable. The start-up operates 40% of its activity in the United States, and the acquisition of Teach on Mars, a profitable and growing start-up, will contribute to achieving this goal.


“The industrial project we have built with LumApps is so obvious that it seems natural to our employees and clients: to extend micro-learning to everyone in the company and make learning part of the daily employee experience. Synergies with LumApps will allow us to accelerate the roadmap and target new markets, especially in the United States.”


Vincent Desnot, CEO of Teach on Mars.