Meeting with Élise Covilette, co-founder of Kokoroe

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Against a backdrop of digital transformation and accelerated obsolescence of knowledge, new Marketplace publisher Kokoroe works to combat digital disengagement. The company’s mission is to train every employee in the skills of the future.

1.To start with, what is your vision of learning and what services do you offer to the Teach on Mars ecosystem?

Through digital learning, our philosophy is about fun and entertainment based on 5 main factors:

  • Emotional design, with a relaxed tone, nods to other sources and references the general public can understand,
  • An experience inspired by the most popular streaming platforms (Deezer, Netflix),
  • Unprecedented production speed, allowing us to incorporate the latest trends,
  • A short learning format (around 30 min.), adapted to mobile and online habits,
  • Inclusive engagement: more than half our catalogue has been designed by women and we have several training courses specifically for women (on stereotypes, biases, etc.).

We support companies in their digitisation strategies, providing off-the-shelf training (especially on innovation, soft skills and leadership), creating tailor-made training content and setting up learning lectures in blended systems.

2. Why did you decide to focus on mobile learning?

At Kokoroe, we have a strong conviction: knowledge should be accessible by everyone and for everyone, wherever we are and at any time, whether on the subway or in the office, on a lunch break or between meetings. In today’s world, mobile learning is the medium that offers the most adaptability and flexibility!

3. What do you particularly like about the Teach on Mars solution when it comes to adaptation of your mobile catalogue?

We wanted to guarantee an optimal mobile-first learning experience on all media, and particularly appreciate the variety of formats that Teach on Mars offers. It allows dynamic exploration of the subject, interspersed with regular engagement activities, for gradual and lasting assimilation.

Kokoroe app

The Teach on Mars solution also allows perfect integration of the different types of learning resources we provide, so that we can seamlessly match the habits of each learner: feature articles, quizzes and podcasts, among others.

4. Why did you want to join the Teach on Mars Marketplace?

We’re delighted to make our catalogue available on the Marketplace because we focus on an engaging, straightforward and up-to-the-minute approach to learning. Cultivating and conveying the pleasure of learning is a philosophy that we fully share with Teach on Mars!

As we support many different key account customers (Orange, Pôle Emploi, SNCF, Danone, Vinci, MGEN, Air France, etc.), we also have a shared commitment to the highest standards, linked to our experience of large-scale deployment, and the same desire to stay one step ahead of the game, in terms of both technology and content.

We’re working together on an offer of the highest quality, adapted to the challenges faced by our customers. In addition to our collection of around 40 titles already available on the Marketplace, talk to us again in the autumn to see the concrete results of some promising synergies.

In the meantime, check out Kokoroe’s collection in demo mode on the Teach on Mars app (available through the App Store and Google Play), under the Marketplace category!