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With several years of expertise creating digital teaching tools for midmarket and CAC 40 companies, in 2018 Tanguy Sylvain decided to set up EdUP, an agency specialized in creating mobile learning content. To meet the growing needs of companies, EdUP quickly expanded its team of designers-editors, project managers and graphic designers to develop its activity in 3 main areas: customized training, with content digitization expertise (training, product presentation, etc.), a customizable off-the-shelf training catalogue and managing and organizing the deployment and follow-up of courses on the Teach on Mars Mission Center.

1. In 2021, what subjects should employees of SMEs and midmarket companies be trained in and why?

In the current context, which implies new ways of working, there are 3 areas which seem essential for employees to focus on in 2021.

Management and Leadership. These topics may well be run-of-the-mill, but management and leadership problems have worsened due to the health crisis, raising major organizational, efficiency and social concerns. Adjusting, organizing and involving teams, galvanizing and helping employees. Add some remote working to the mix and you have a considerable challenge.

Soft skills’, as these well-known behavioral competencies have been referred to for some years now, are the true stars of the 21st century. They allow workers to deal with change, integrate more quickly into a team and develop reactivity. All the indispensable things we come across in our new professional lives! If you had to choose only 4, we would recommend remembering the “4Cs”, which were established by the OECD in 2008: critical thinking, creativity, a team spirit and communication.

Everything to do with remote working. In this form of work, which shot to fame a year ago, we have observed that things are not as intuitive as people may think, and that’s perfectly normal because it’s new. People are continuing to work from home and employees are gradually adapting to this way of working. There are many subjects to be discussed, including devices, organization and team work.

Ed UP anticipated these needs in 2020, by centering its catalog around these 3 important topics.

2. What training method do you recommend for training people in these subjects and why?

Blended learning offers a combination of synchronous and asynchronous methods, providing a highly comprehensive experience. The learning pathway offers a variety of targeted supports adjusted to suit the learning objectives (mobile learning, lessons, videos, questionnaires, etc.), alternating group discussion with independent learning. However, implementing this type of arrangement requires time in order to design it comprehensively.

As the current context reminds us, we must all be able to adapt quickly and that’s why mobile learning is such a wonderful learning method. Having rapid access to targeted, short and engaging content, wherever and whenever required.

3. What is your vision of pedagogy?

The vision of pedagogy at EdUP is to place an onus on content which meets everyday requirements and which is ready to use. We do this by meeting objectives which enable learners to directly connect with a subject area which matters to them then and there: “Asserting yourself while respecting others”, “Saying NO”, “Leading a team briefing”, “Managing difficult employees”. It is a teaching method which allows learners to be proactive and gives them a tool box where they can find everything they need to deal with problems encountered.

What are the keys to a successful mobile learning course?

Targeted: answering specific, ‘grassroots’ questions.
Short: lasting a maximum of 20 minutes to maintain learners’ attention and to keep new information at learners’ fingertips.
Clear: with explicit goals and balanced information, concentrating on the essential points.
Rewarding: with varied learning activities and a certificate sent immediately after the course is completed.

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Training course, “Offering meaning to the work of employees” available in the Management category in the Learning Station

Find all the EdUP demo versions in the Management and Soft Skills categories in the Teach on Mars Learning Station (application available on App Store and Google Play).​