The latest training courses to support your employees, wherever they are, with your app!

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Cybersecurity, sustainable development, remote collaboration, collective and emotional intelligence: Teach on Mars and its partners are mobilising their resources to make sure your employees continue to develop their skills during lockdown.

Thanks to our content sharing feature, skill building courses can be deployed on your application in less than 48 hours, as can our entire off-the-shelf training catalogue. On your marks, get set, go!

Browsing safely

We’re all spending a lot of time online, and even more time than usual for some, during lockdown: all the more reason to be especially vigilant! What if this was an opportunity to change our behaviour over the long term so that we also limited risk in this area?

Phosforea, a training organisation specialising in cybersecurity, invites you to educate your employees and make them the strong links in your IT security chain. As remote working becomes the norm, it’s essential to get a grip on our cyberspace and adopt the right reactions when using a computer.

The charity Teach on Earth is also inviting us to learn about good reporting practices with its new training course “Illegal content: click, report“. Let’s work together for a safer internet!

Supporting sustainable development

Does your organisation want to go further in fostering the eco-citizenship of your employees during lockdown? In the “Corporate Social Responsibility” category, publisher Teach on Earth also offers the following options:

  • SDG: what if you chose your superpowers?“, so that each of us can become a superhero in championing the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.
  • Two 5-minute quizzes on climate change and recycling so we can successfully brush off the next climate sceptic who crosses our path.
  • Water: a universal need that springs eternal?“, created in partnership with the NGO Solidarités International to help learners understand the climate, economic and lifesaving issues connected with access to drinking water.

Cultivating soft skills

In addition to the manager/employee pairing published last month on teleworking, publisher Skillsday now allows all your managers to manage the performance of their virtual teams thanks to a new title, “Managing remotely”.

You can also foster the continuous improvement of your employees:

  • through collective intelligence, for constantly enhanced innovation and performance as a group
  • but also individually, by making self-knowledge an asset with “Knowing yourself better: an introduction to personal development“.

A whole range of options to turn lockdown into an opportunity for learning! Check out the demo versions in the Teach on Mars app (Learning Station category: Innovation, CSR, Management and Soft Skills sections), available on the App Store and Google Play.