New features from Mars in March 2020

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Confined to their homes like many Europeans, the Martians continue to develop, test and deploy new Mission Center solutions for their clients and their Teach on Mars applications. Here’s what we have for you this month.



A facelift for your Mission Center

To facilitate your browsing in the Mission Center, we’ve made some improvements in terms of user-friendliness (#UX) and graphic interface (#UI): simplified pagination of your lists (of learners, training sessions and managers), category suggestions according to user input, short cuts from the training course administration page, submenu visible at all times from the training environment, dates added for the first and last session in learner statistics, and much more.


When this new Mission Center is deployed, the latest additions will be marked by illuminated hotspots on which you can click to find out more.



 “Hotspots” indicating changes to the Mission Center

Alternate between Excel® templates and your web authoring tool!

You’re working on a training session in a web authoring tool. What if you’re not done creating your activity, but need to leave your workplace for the countryside where you won’t have internet access? No worries! Download your activity in Excel® format in your preferred languages and any necessary media. Make changes offline, then import them in the web authoring tool when you’re ready to put your work online.




Move seamlessly between design templates and your web authoring tool and vice versa!

Useful: This function for exporting/importing between Excel® templates and the web authoring tool also enables you to move or copy a learning activity from one training course to another.


New SSO technology

Are you familiar with Single Sign-On (SSO)? It allows you to use your current user account database (login names + passwords) rather than recreating accounts for everyone in your Mission Center. Your learners can then connect to their training app with the login information they know. We provide this option by default with the SAML technology. And now we also offer it via the JSON Web Token (JWT).