Even simpler content creation with the brand new web authoring tool

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So you’re already a seasoned user and fan of the Teach on Mars mobile learning solution? You like the speed and simplicity with which you can build learning content in the Mission Center? But you’d like to go further? If you’re answering yes to these questions, then you’re going to be really excited about what the Teach on Mars R&D team has in the pipeline for you!

Everyone loves the Teach on Mars learning activity Excel templates: they’re simple to use; they’re based on software that everyone’s familiar with; they can be used off-line; they make content translation easy; and they’re easy to transmit and share (you can just send them as an attachment by email, for example).

Very soon, those proven Excel templates are going to be complemented by an all-new web authoring tool for creating your learning content on-line – quickly, simply, in real time, and with no compromise when it comes to the ease of having that content translated.

Teach on Mars is committed to providing an open platform enabling you to include any Web activity in the training programmes you offer your learners. Teach on Mars also believes in giving you the most user-friendly environment possible for the creation of state-of-the-art mobile-native learning content. Which is why the R&D team is already hard at work on a new web authoring tool – it’s scheduled for release in the Autumn of 2018 and it’s going to change the way you build learning content forever!

To whet your appetite, check out the screenshots below for a sneak preview …

authoring fill the gapFill the Gap activity

authoring creation communicationsCreating a communication

authoring mobile course
Mobile Course activity

authoring mobile course drag and dropMobile Course activity – Drag & drop