Experience a superior and engaging learning journey

Teach on Mars is a new generation learning platform for web and mobile devices.

Mobile native. Engaging and social. Premium learner experience.

A companion throughout the learning cycle

Teach on Mars has built a world-class, multilingual, comprehensive training solution that helps trainers to work on all phases of the learning cycle with a blended learning or 100% digital approach. Use live activities to organize social games during classroom time or support learning objectives with activities accessible any time, anywhere, offline or online, on any device (web or mobile).

Communication & personalization features

Keep learners’ motivation levels high with an efficient communication strategy: email and push notifications, newsfeed, integration with a social app. Teach on Mars’ exclusive smart prescription algorithm will help learners personalize their learning path, with calendar reminders.

Powerful analytics

Our platform comes equipped with a complete administration and report interface. Manage your learners and training courses, and consult learning analytics: progression charts, attendance reports, scores and learner rankings.

Fun and social learning activities

Our authoring software and proven methodology makes it easy for any trainer to create mobile courses and learning games. Motivate your trainees with social games, let them win badges and points on their personal profile.

A rich and open ecosystem

Teach on Mars’ platform benefits from a comprehensive and secure API to integrate with your favorite third party software: social networks, CRM, user directories, LMS, productivity software, video streaming services and mobile marketing tools.

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Teach on Mars Enterprise is a complete mobile learning platform

It helps businesses create training programs that are interactive, engaging and fun. It comes equipped with a wide variety of educational activities, communication features and advanced gamification. Training content can be available either online or offline, and you can customize training according to learner profiles.

And also...

Packaged content apps

To meet all your needs, Teach on Mars has developed ToM 1, a one-course training app, and ToM 5, the perfect app for a training path including up to 5 courses. Both ToM 1 and ToM 5 can integrate with your LMS.

teach on mars ToM 1

ToM 1

An educational game or one-course training app

teach on mars ToM 5

ToM 5

5 courses in a single app

Professional services

Teach on Mars academy

Obtain training and certifications from the ToM mobile learning academy


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App Marketing

Deploy your app with success on app stores (iOS/Android) and the web


Integrate your learning app with your LMS, user directory or other learning solutions

Learning Design

Benefit from our partners’ network to build your learning content

Professional content marketplace

Buy professional off-the-shelf  training content from our best content partners