#LTDX21: Developing learning culture within organizations

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Taking place from 15-26 February, the Learning Technologies Digital Experience 2021 was a 100% digital international event, which brought together learning and HR stakeholders. Vincent Desnot and Tiphaine Duchet hosted the conference, “Developing learning culture within organizations: a sustainable wager!”.


Learning culture in 2021…

Learning culture is a formidable and practical weapon which boosts company performance and enhances its capacity for innovation and adaptation.

Companies have had to make fundamental changes in recent months, reinvent themselves, redefine their organization, their production and their convictions. To restore a positive and efficient mindset for employees, now more than ever, companies need to modernize and share their vision. Performance and growth are no longer sufficient when it comes to vision. Employees need something else, and that’s why the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) dimension is becoming increasingly prevalent in companies.

Developing learning culture is a sustainable wager both for companies and employees. But in concrete terms, how can you introduce and sustain these habits over time within organizations?

To find out more, watch the whole conference: “Start with the learners: learning culture” available below.

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