Lateral thinking or the art of thinking outside the box

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In September, Mars Attacks is back in your Teach on Mars app with a new episode: “Thinking outside the box”. Lessons, practical exercises and games – this training course brings together all your favourite activities for an enriching and unusual experience.

Think outside the box and get lateral!

In business, change can be incessant and even brutal… “Thinking outside the box” transforms, rejuvenates and revolutionises conventional wisdom without destroying its foundations. Lateral thinking allows your learners to take a problem and solve it in a different, less habitual way. The search for the unknown broadens horizons and empowers a team to step out of its comfort zone and innovate. Feeling convinced? Then let’s head off into the unexpected!

Multiple activities to explore lateral thinking

“What I hear, I forget,
What I see, I remember
What I do, I understand.”

Whether these words were uttered by Confucius, Franklin or an illustrious anonymous source (we don’t actually know), there’s nothing better than a bit of action to start exploring lateral thinking! Whether you’re a Teach on Mars customer or new to mobile learning, this course in the Mars Attacks series is a good way of (re)discovering the different activities offered by the solution; each step will give you key ideas and invite you to think a little bit more outside the box.

thinking outside the box activities

Your first mission: an introductory game to get you into the flow and help you understand how it works. In one hand, your smartphone. In the other, a pencil. In short, an invitation to phygital learning just how we like it.

Following this first exercise, different lessons and games will allow you to decipher your experience and get to know yourself better.

Tips and best practices will be revealed during the course to cultivate your creativity and make the bigger picture part of your daily life.

To end on a high note, we offer two mystery bonuses to unlock at the end of the training… provided you’ve successfully completed the previous challenges!


An opportunity to discover the ThingLink tool

In addition to the fifteen educational activities offered as standard in the Teach on Mars authoring tool, you can incorporate a wide range of content into your mobile training courses through Web Activities.

Virtual or augmented reality, video games and so much more… Your imagination (or your web agency’s) is almost the only limit. Compatible with the SCORM standard, these activities can provide data reports, such as the learner’s progress, their score or the points they could earn in the activity.

The Mars Attacks #7 training course contains a web activity, created with ThingLink (one of the third party authoring tools supported by Teach on Mars). Here you’ll find an interactive display panel where you can see the inspiration behind this episode!


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How to find this content

The “ Mars Attacks – Thinking outside the box” course is available free of charge in the “Showroom” category and in the “Mars Attacks” sub-category of the Teach on Mars app, downloadable from the App Store​ and Google Play.

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Want to include this course in your app? Talk to your account manager or contact us.

[Press Release] LumApps announces the acquisition of Teach on Mars, the leader in microlearning in Europe

[Press Release] LumApps announces the acquisition of Teach on Mars, the leader in microlearning in Europe

LumApps, the B2B SaaS scale-up revolutionizing the intranet, is acquiring the French start-up Teach on Mars. Starting from December2023, the teams of Teach on Mars (50 collaborators) will join LumApps (300collaborators); and the 5 million users of the scale-up will be able to access the mobile learning solution directly from their digital workplace.