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Jean-Michel Lavallard
Co-Founder – CEO
Educ-i & Digicours

Let’s go back a few weeks in timeOn September the 29th, Jean-Michel LAVALLARD, Co-Founder and CEO of Educ-I and Digicours granted us an interview around the beneficial use of digital technologies in the educational field.

Jean-Michel then took us back a few decades in time with Digicours’s first mobile learning quiz, “Route 80” a Teach on Mars technology based application to cheerily face players in head to head matches as well as refining our 80s culture.

It’s exciting to be formed by interacting with others”, “I love the playfulness, I learn while enjoying myself”. “This is very useful, I discover bits of info here and there whenever I have spare time and do not feel like wasting it anymore”. Over 100 reviewers have already acclaimed Route 80, now available for free on the stores!*.

Encouraged by Route 80 success so far, Jean-Michel is now taking us a few centuries back, this time, to offer us a clash of titans with his new application on mythology. Why mythology? Who is the target audience? How to have the Education community’s players best realize the mobile learning value? How to implicate them in a mobile learning venture?

We asked Jean-Michel LAVALLARD to give us his proficient assent and to enlighten us on the issues surrounding the scholastic education business.


Jean-Michel, why have you selected the mythology theme?

The choice of mythology is in our will to show the many benefits brought by mobile learning with respect to school instruction. As such, we opted for a topic both of general interest and part of the French official secondary school curriculum. By playing with Mythology, students also revise their courses!


What makes you think that digital will transform education?

I spent decades in National Education. First as a teacher, I quickly oriented myself to management and consultancy roles. Education is definitely modernizing, as evidenced by the “Connected Colleges” currently blooming in France in order to foster digital usage. I am convinced that National Education will become more effective by adopting modern training practices in sync with the present patterns of the upcoming tech-savvy generation working and living together: flexible and remote working arrangements, telecommuting, telesocializing… I created Educ-i and Digicours for stepping up efforts to create a digital vocational education and training system.


How do you envision your contribution to Schools’ digitalization?

I identify a call for action between school financers and men on the ground. It is one thing that the French state provides schools with budgets to equip with digital; Allows these schools valuing digital kits by investing in valuable contents is another. My objective is to convince more and more players on how mobile learning benefits to the whole education community:

– Parents and students by introducing them to the mobile learning gains with fun and useful applications.

– Teachers, every day more numerous to write mobile contents and to add the mobile formula in their teaching methodology. Digicours is currently building an application for revising the French 3rd year college “Brevet”.

– Officials’, showing them with academic progression and success rates that mobile learning is a must!


Last but not least, why Teach on Mars?

I was recommended Teach on Mars during my search for Digicours’ technical partners. Looking for a premium mobile learning solution on the market, Teach on Mars have 100% complied with my objectives, offering a mobile learning native technology together with innovative and very effective content integration formats.


Thank you Mr LAVALLARD for sharing your insight.

So, until you can rob your kid’s smartphone to play with Digicours applications, we offer you to discover and enjoy a Mythology battle preview in the screencast below! Coming out soon!