Bouygues Telecom & Teach on Mars: the natural fit!

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Manuel ANCELET, Head of Training, Réseau club Bouygues Telecom

Head of Training






Bouygues Telecom provide their fleet of on-the-ground-collaborators with a Teach on Mars innovative mobile training application, in order to make both their workforce and their customers happier!

Manuel ANCELET, Head of Training at Réseau club Bouygues Telecom, kindly accepted to talk to us about this successful collaboration!

  • You are bringing a wind of change over Bouygues Telecom Training programs, why?

 We have undertaken a significant overhaul of our sales methods. The aim is to best address our prospects’ and customers’ needs with an upgraded quality service, in an increasingly competitive background.

Such reorganization comes along with the enhancement of our training channels, with 3000 collaborators to train, mainly store managers and sellers.

  • Why have you looked ahead to e-learning and, in particular, mobile learning?

We looked for a training format accessible anytime and anywhere to supplement our present classroom and e-learning programs. Indeed, flexible training time and location arrangements are major benefits for collaborators whom have little fixed time slots with variable and uncontrolled customer flows. The mobile learning solution unsurprisingly got our attention! Besides, it seemed only natural that a generation of mobile device sellers might train on it!

  • What did lead you to Teach on Mars? What are the benefits of the Learn on Mars solution, according to you?

Our LMS didn’t integrate a mobile learning solution to our satisfaction; hence we toured the mobile learning market looking for a native solution, to guarantee learners a premium experience with an enriched design, functionality and navigability. None offered to timely fulfill our requirements, except for Teach on Mars!

Aside from their native technology, Teach on Mars’s offer fully matched our requisites: a straight content management, entertaining and diverse activities covering the entire learning cycle, a community forum for learners to give-and-take, a web-app with the equal training to perform on a desktop

In addition, Bouygues Telecom was delighted with Teach on Mars dynamism and determination to satisfy our expectations. Learn on Mars and Mission Center, the web-app for managing Teach on Mars applications, now become key elements of our training platform.

  • Is there a pilot in the rocket? 🙂 What’s your learners’ progression follow-up option?

Our trainers and managers are taking control over this mission (center)! Mission Center provides Managers with all admin functionalities, as well as clear and comprehensive reporting on learners learning progress.

  • And, last but not least, how do you view the continuation of your collaboration with Teach on Mars after such a dazzling debut? 🙂

First, we will deploy Teach on Mars web-app on field staff’s tablets. Each vendor will have a non-registered tablet. In a second phase, we will deliver the mobile learning application on individuals’ smartphone.

Upon success of these releases, our next objectives are first to provide our stores network Teams with further mobile learning topics (in addition to our current LMS platform) and second to extend our mobile learning offer to other selling channels!

Manuel ANCELET, thank you for your time and welcome on board our Teach on Mars planet!