[Mobile Learning Awards] Spotlight on Maisons du Monde, the ‘Engagement’ award’s Jury’s Favourite – a best practices guide!

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This award recognises projects (using Teach on Mars technology) which have achieved exceptional deployment. 3 criteria are assessed:

  • governance
  • learner experience
  • innovation

Maisons du Monde won the Jury’s Favourite award in this category



Maisons du Monde

Maisons du Monde is the European leader in affordable, desirable and sustainable homes.

As a brand characterised by openness and dialogue, Maisons du Monde unites its 7 million customers around desirable and sustainable lifestyles. Atmospheres for the home across multiple styles can be found in its constantly renewed range of furniture and decor. Digitalisation and customer support drive the love brand and its raison d’être: “Inspiring in everyone to desire to be open to the world, to create unique, inviting and sustainable living environments together. In 2022, Maisons du Monde unveiled the Good is Beautiful brand movement, to embed sustainable development in its strategy.

New collections are added every six months to enhance the customer offer; training is therefore indispensable in order to train employees about new products.


Maisons du Monde and Teach on Mars

Training, one of the cornerstones of Maisons du Monde, is regarded as a performance lever, particularly for its retail stores, located in 9 countries.

Already boasting an abundant training offer: in-person, e-learning, virtual classes, etc., Maisons du Monde adopted the Teach on Mars solution in 2022 to develop blended-learning format pathways and to make access to training easier for its 6,000 employees.

The courses offered on the app aim to develop:

  • employees’ customer culture,
  • their product culture,
  • distinctive professional training pathways.



Controlled governance at all levels

The major strength of this project is having received support from the entire group for its deployment, with respect for proximity, commitment, creativity and optimism, which are at the heart of the brand’s values.

To ensure the project’s success, different types of governance were implemented by 4 committees to foster engagement at all levels:

  • A Management Committee, including members of the Executive Committee
  • A Steering Committee with the Training Unit
  • A Steering Committee including the Training Department, the Graphic Studio and the CIO.
  • An Operational Committee including designers, product offer managers and all of the network’s business lines

An initial, full-scale deployment phase prior to widespread roll-out

Prior to large-scale deployment, the Maisons du Monde mobile learning project was first tested on small teams with a POC (proof of concept) deployed in two French regions and one Italian region (700 employees involved).

With the POC, the modules were tested as a preview by smaller teams and thanks to their feedback, improvements were made in form as well as in substance.

Apart from adjustments, the POC helped to confirm teams’ training needs, with very encouraging quantitative results (70% connection in 2 weeks) and laudatory qualitative feedback.

Building a robust communication plan

Communication about the app was cleverly devised in order to make people the central focus of the system.

An initial communication was sent to managers to encourage their participation and engagement. There was an information session and access rights to the My MDM COACH app were provided to give a preview.

A communication was then sent to the remaining employees, with a sense of expectation fostered through a teaser campaign in the form of a cross-word type game, teaser video and QR code on the launch date, providing phone or tablet access to the app.

Launching the app with a well-stocked catalogue

To satisfy learners and quench their thirst for knowledge, particular attention was paid to the content strategy, with 2 launch aims:

  • Enhance knowledge about product collections
  • Offer specific thematic learning
  • Offer customer decor retail culture

With its many modules, the launch reached across all the store’s business lines, from furniture to decor and multi-products.

The training offer was next extended to other domains: service provision, customer relations, CSR, etc.

This resulted in a dense catalogue and after 3 months there were:

  • 3 e-learning modules
  • 15 articles
  • 24 modules (product, service provision, customer relations)
  • 1 survey

Continuous improvement

A continuous improvement policy was implemented to ensure that content is always aligned with teams’ requirements. Employees were surveyed to discover their needs and to get feedback about existing and future content.

Careful analysis of learner behaviour was also conducted to tailor content more closely. For example, the MDM team realised that leaners were motivated primarily by challenges; additional battles were therefore incorporated to offer an element of surprise, entertainment, entrenching and engagement.



Thanks to the quality of the deployment mechanism, Maisons du Monde obtained very impressive results on the app with an 85% deployment rate, a 95% average progression rate for modules and over 4 hours spent on the app on average per learner.

We hope that these best practices will provide inspiration for your launches and future deployments!