Teach on Mars and LAFAAAC pave the way for mobile learning in Nigeria

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The Teach on Mars teams were honoured to travel to Nigeria to help develop two local initiatives. We take a look back at their trip.

An ambitious and socially-minded project

The Edojobs scheme was instigated by Nigeria’s Edo State. It aims to tackle high levels of unemployment through skills training programmes. As part of a FASEP [Fund for Private-sector Aid and Studies], a project was implemented, bringing together LAFAAAC, Summview, Webforce3 and Teach on Mars. The aim of the project is to develop and test out a hybrid service and course offering in Nigeria. In particular, the consortium provides a hybrid training platform which combines mobile learning, virtual and face-to-face lessons.
This is a unique opportunity for Edojobs to provide specific training to build capacity for the careers of tomorrow.
teach on mars au nigeria, rencontre avec edojobs à Benin City

Nigeria has a vibrant cinematic heritage. Nollywood is the second largest film industry behind India’s Bollywood, producing 2,500 films per year on average and making the sector a significant job pool for which the training offer leaves much to be desired. Through the application, Edojobs is able to train people for cultural and creative careers and industries, despite there being no specialised schools in the country. Learning using mobile phones, which are the most popular screens country-wide, gives the opportunity to train more people, anytime and anywhere.

“Nigeria has succeeded in creating a very active and completely autonomous production sector generating 300,000 jobs directly and indirectly. Today, the Nigerian film industry represents a market worth more than 300 million euros”.

Senat.fr – Nigeria, the indispensable titan of Africa

Teach on Mars was therefore asked to present the solution and its main features to the various stakeholders. It was also an opportunity to train around twenty managers and another twenty content makers with a view to deploying their application in January 2022.

Wazobia expands into professional audio-visual and entertainment training

Edojobs is not the only organisation to envision the potential of mobile learning. Wazobia, Nigeria’s largest TV media group, wishes to provide training to the largest possible number of people. It thus decided to launch the Wazobia Academy, in partnership with LAFAAAC and Teach on Mars, offering affordable and accessible courses for developing skills in the audio-visual and entertainment sectors.

Studios TV de Wazobia au Nigeria, Lagos

Teach on Mars provides support through its user experience know-how and mobile learning pedagogy, without forgetting best practices and the creation and incorporation of videos and audio, which are central components of the project.

Studios de Wazobia au Nigeria, Lagos

A unique opportunity to bring new training methods to Africa

Thanks to large-scale projects, Teach on Mars is actively participating in the digital transformation which is currently taking place in sub-Saharan Africa and is helping organisations to offer high-quality courses, accessible to all and created locally thanks to established professionals.

[Press Release] LumApps announces the acquisition of Teach on Mars, the leader in microlearning in Europe

[Press Release] LumApps announces the acquisition of Teach on Mars, the leader in microlearning in Europe

LumApps, the B2B SaaS scale-up revolutionizing the intranet, is acquiring the French start-up Teach on Mars. Starting from December2023, the teams of Teach on Mars (50 collaborators) will join LumApps (300collaborators); and the 5 million users of the scale-up will be able to access the mobile learning solution directly from their digital workplace.