Teach on Mars & Skillsday join forces with Whoog to support healthcare workers

by | May 15, 2020 | Teach on Mars News

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In order to assist the healthcare personnel mobilised to work during the Covid-19 pandemic, Whoog launched the online platform “Solidarité Soignants” (Solidarity with Healthcare Workers). Teach on Mars worked in collaboration with its historic partner, Skillsday, to help the healthcare ecosystem.

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A group of socially-responsible companies

Whoog is a Sophia Antipolis start-up specialising in healthcare worker recruitment and staffing solutions and offers its services free of charge to establishments such as teaching hospitals, regular hospitals, not-for-profit health and welfare establishments, care homes, clinics, and public and private institutions.

The company is behind the “Solidarité Soignants” initiative, an online platform set up to support health professionals responding to the Covid-19 pandemic and caring for those affected. In order to assist these dedicated people, several socially-responsible companies are providing various services free of charge to support them and make their daily lives easier. These include prevention of psychological and social risks, provision of low-cost housing, delivery of basic necessities, childcare, etc. The companies involved include Moodwork, nounou-top.fr, Airbnb, Teach on Mars, Ambler, GoMecano & Cocolis.

Skillsday & Teach on Mars: mobile learning for health

As a result of the current situation, Teach on Mars decided to take action and join forces with Skillsday, one of its long-established partners, in order to provide help to healthcare workers. Fifteen free-of-charge training courses were made available by the publisher to meet training needs. This free content is designed for hospital staff and available on the Teach on Mars app.

To date, more than 2000 healthcare workers in France have benefited from the free services of the platform set up by Whoog and its partners!

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