The Teach on Mars community is expanding and we’re adapting our product in response to this growth. In the month of June, our R&D team worked to improve the stability of the solution and to facilitate accommodation of more and more learners. The latest new features are being kept under wraps for release next month. In the meantime, here’s a taster of the innovations we’re working on at the moment.

Managers will be able to access a dashboard directly in the app so they can manage the training-related performance of their teams. This will do away with the need to connect to the Mission Center to see the uptake percentage or growth rate for the latest training course published!

A new activity dedicated to skills management will allow learners to assess their level in different areas before they start their training, now based on content recommended to them. Our recommendation algorithms are also changing for a more accurate match with learner expectations.

Just as users can connect to a host of applications via their Google or Facebook login details, connection to the application will soon be possible via WeChat (the most popular social media platform in China).

Communications are also being treated to new features: the app gets more social, with learners now able to comment on articles on the Wall. On the Mission Center side, the communications interface has been given an ergonomic facelift.

Watch this space for the upcoming release of a first batch of innovations, along with improvements to existing features following feedback from our customers on the feedback portal.