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Brexit-proof your organisation and teams thanks to next-gen learning and performance support.

So, the Brexit deadline has come …and gone … and … nothing’s happened. So far.
What’s going to happen next, or how Brexit is going to impact life for companies of all sizes and individuals across the UK – and across the whole of the EU, for that matter – is still anybody’s guess.
But make no mistake, there’s a Brexit storm coming – even if no one seems to know exactly when, or what it’s going to look like. Once the political dust has settled, those organisations that can adapt the most quickly, the most seamlessly and with the most agility have an unprecedented opportunity to steal a march on their competition and move ahead in the race to win market share, improve profitability or attract and retain the best talent.
One of the keys to post-Brexit success is clearly going to be providing staff, partners and clients with the training, information and performance support they need to adjust effectively to the new challenges and new opportunities they are going to face. Which is where a mobile-led learning strategy could make all the difference.
Here are a few ways in which a Teach on Mars solution leveraging next-gen technology and tapping into a profound understanding of new learner habits and expectations can help any organisation not just survive, but actually thrive in the brave new, post-Brexit world.

Learn at the speed of post-Brexit change

Next-gen mobile learning is fast – fast to develop and fast to deploy. This gives organisations the agility they will need to react quickly and effectively to the changes Brexit will throw at them. Sales processes, internal procedures, communication strategies, even price lists and product catalogues will quite possibly need to be modified and re-modified over and over again in the weeks and months ahead. With mobile-led learning, new learning and communication assets can be developed by trainers in a matter of days, and accessed by learners wherever they are in a matter of minutes.

Engage and reassure learners amid the post-Brexit stress

Users love mobile-led learning. It fits with their modern mobile usage habits and offers a learning experience that is comparable to today’s best-in-class mobile apps. It enables organisations to deliver an engaging and highly personalised value proposition that users will use and enjoy – even if the context in which it is deployed is challenging and unsettling. It also embraces the community instincts of today’s connected user populations to harness the potential of collective intelligence and social learning. So organisations can fire up their populations to crowd-fund problem-solving together and attract and retain top-drawer talent with a prestigious development offer.

Targeted performance support to meet new post-Brexit challenges

By breaking through the barriers of traditional course-bound training formats and using smart algorithms to personalise content and deliver contextualised performance support at the point of need, mobile learning helps employees do their jobs measurably better – even if the operational challenges they are facing are unlike anything they’ve ever seen before.

Smarter post-Brexit L&D budget management

Everyone’s budget is going to be under pressure in the uncertainty and instability that will inevitably follow Brexit. HR and L&D departments are no exception. The ability of mobile-led learning solutions (full digital, blended or phygital) to optimise the design, distribution and delivery costs of learning programmes will be critical.

No one’s suggesting that Brexit is going to be easy – or indeed that mobile-led learning will solve all your post-Brexit challenges. But Teach on Mars is convinced that organisations which build next-gen learning into their thinking in the weeks and months ahead will give themselves a fighting chance of coming out unscathed – and maybe even stronger than ever!



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