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Let’s start with a brain-teaser: Who do these clues bring to mind?

  • An agency that produces customisable content, and which is also specialised in training, communication and engineering.
  • One of our longest-standing partners, who was by our side when Teach on Mars was in its infancy.
  • Proven expertise that is appreciated by our clients, in particular in the area of Learning (in-person and digital).

We’re guessing the title gave it away, it’s TAKOMA of course!



TAKOMA was founded in 2000 and now has over 200 employees with permanent contracts, boasting a variety of expertise, including the specialism of interest to us today: Digital training.

A leader in tailor-made Digital Learning, TAKOMA has a fully-integrated multi-disciplinary team to bolster the success of your Learning projects and the skills development of your learners.


Be it bespoke, gamified or immersive creation, or native content using the Teach on Mars authoring tool (an accredited partner of our solution), no pedagogical aspect can evade their team’s expertise, along with just the right dose of graphics to enhance all of your projects.

They have a perfect understanding of Storytelling and Buzzword concepts and can accommodate your needs when it comes to E-Learning, Serious Game, Mobile, VR-Learning and Blended Learning.


Our long-standing partnership has proved its worth for many years, with over a dozen joint clients opting for this winning combo:

  • TAKOMA: Content
  • Teach on Mars: Platform

We are proud to count them among our most trusted partners and to see that common opportunities continue to flourish.
Here is a selection of their creations.

If you would like to be put in touch, please reach out to Alexandre Borel, the Martian in charge of our partner network.





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