Learning in the flow thanks to new forms of communication

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Version 18.3 of Teach on Mars, known as “Titan”, launches articles and new types of communication and learning content. In addition to their particular training programme, you can now send your learners instructional material whenever you want.

Les articles, nouvelles communications chez Teach on Mars

Communications go stratospheric!

With a new WYSIWYG editor, the Mission Center now allows you to easily send format-rich content to your learners. With just a few clicks, you can build a learning resource with images, videos, quotes, audio and text (of course), and send it to a carefully targeted learner population.

Mission Center création articles

Communications to serve learning

In the recent paradigm of Josh Bersin, Learning in the Flow of Work, your learners are most effective if they can train right when they need to, by embedding micro-learning into increasingly fragmented working hours. Articles are a first step in this direction: combined with good management of your community, they will be a source of effective and selective learning. You will of course benefit from reporting on consultation of content so that the interests of your audience can be targeted as efficiently as possible, and your learners get the best possible service from you.

Analysing learning via articles

New possibilities

Because good news never comes alone, communications (in the broadest sense) are also being given a range of new features! It’s now possible to save a communication in draft form to send later, to duplicate it so that you have a copy, or to archive it, in other words, to remove it from your learners while keeping it in the Mission Center (for the purposes of consulting statistics, for example).

Boosting learner engagement

To keep your learners informed, push notifications on content availability will be sent to them. The “Bookmark” option has now been added to “Like” and “Share”, allowing readers to save something of interest to look at later. And articles can be placed on the Wall in different formats to stop displays getting overly repetitive or busy if articles are heavily used.


Communications for all

Like the rest of your learning content, you get a simplified interface to manage translations of your articles. These will appear on your learners’ devices in the language configured in their application.

And that’s not all!

In addition to articles, other great new features await you in Titan, the new version of the Teach on Mars solution due for release next month. To learn more about the content offer of the mobile learning platform, read our recent article on a new partnership with Anders Pink to integrate content curation into your learning solution.