New Skills Assessment feature makes automatic training course recommendations!

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Because a personalised learning pathway is always more effective, the Teach on Mars mobile learning app now offers a brand new “Skills Assessment” functionality to recommend specific training course tailored to each learner.

A quick and comprehensive skills assessment

To determine his or her priorities among all the training course resources available from the app, the learner can now complete a skills assessment that will recommend the most suitable options. This assessment takes the form of a series of single-choice questions that will position the learner’s level in each of a series of pre-defined skills.     

Skill Assessment app - quick and comprehensive skills assessment

The skills in question are drawn directly from a competency framework which the client training manager defines upstream for the entire learner population in the administration environment of  the Teach on Mars solution, also known as the Mission Center.

The skills assessment feature plays two critical roles. For the learners, it offers the ability to “position themselves”, and for training managers it provides an easy way of collecting statistics on the level of their learner population with respect to a pre-identified skillset.

Courses recommended to suit the profile of the user

On the basis of the answers given, the learner’s skills are evaluated and suitable training courses are recommended. These recommendations are displayed in a dedicated section on the app’s homepage and feature a distinctive mark to encourage the learner to prioritise them.

Skill Assessment app - courses recommended to suit the profile of the user

Training managers can offer their learners several different skills assessments and place them wherever they wish in the learning pathways they build: this may be the first time the app is opened (direct access from the home page), at the end of a common core component (such as an onboarding), or even during a face-to-face evaluation by the trainer.

A simple and powerful solution

Creating a Skills Assessment in a Teach on Mars app is as straightforward as filling in a simple spreadsheet. Once the training manager has defined his target skills in a competency framework, he or she then simply maps any skills shortfalls the assessment may highlight to recommended training courses. All that’s left to do then is draft the questions that will assess the level in each skill and then turn it over to the learners. They’ll answer the questions and be delighted to get instant feedback with an offer of the training courses they need most.

Best of all, over time the training manager will be able to measure the progress that the learner population makes against the concrete yardstick of a relevant and universal competency framework.

If you want to find out more about this new Skills Assessment activity and maybe even be one of the first users to test it, feel free to join SkyLab, the Teach on Mars customer users club.

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