Learning Technologies 2022: bring social learning, gamification and pedagogy together with Teach on Mars

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After a 2-year break due to the pandemic, the Learning Technologies fair is back from 18-19 May for 2 days of conferences, workshops and peer discussions. On this occasion, the Teach on Mars team will touch their rocket down at stand B42, where they will hold 2 conferences and 2 live sessions.

1. Learner engagement as you’ve never seen it before!

Digital training is reaching a new level of maturity, with robust platforms, captivating content, innovative tools and increasingly amusing modalities. And yet, learner engagement is not always a given. Using very tangible case studies, Tiphaine Duchet and Clémentine Thenet will reveal what it takes to get employees onboard and keep them loyal to your educational programmes, on 18 May at 3 p.m. in the Salle Paris of the Learning Technologies Fair.

2. Digital Learning: Managers central to operational performance

Digital training is great, but dehumanised training is not: whether coaches, experts or supervisors, managers play a decisive role in identifying their teams’ training requirements, recommending pathways and more importantly, assessing their implementation in the field. Without managerial backing, the training system lacks authority. Providing a simple skills framework and developing a feedback culture are the two key points for best integrating managers in successful teaching programmes. To find out more, come and see us on Thursday 19 May at 4 p.m. in the Salle Berlin.

3. Social learning: drawing inspiration from (the best bits of) social networks

Engagement capacity has become a key concern for multi-modal training systems. But surely that doesn’t mean we should accept the dictates of likes and the tyranny of notifications? There are lots of good ideas which can be borrowed from social networks and transposed into courses, yet it is important to keep sight of the pedagogical ambition and the quest for intelligence.
To this end, Tiphaine Duchet and Alexandre Borel look forward to seeing you on 18 May at 2 p.m. in Theatre n°3 of the Learning Technologies Fair, to share with you their best practices to ensure these engagement boosters are used to foster skills development and critical reasoning.

4. Gamification matters, but the pedagogical aim is paramount!

Is adding a fun dimension to training pathways child’s play? Perhaps not, because your learners aren’t children. Of course, they can learn while having fun, but they’re likely to lose interest if a game is overly easy. Games have been used in learning since time immemorial and the digitisation of training has led to new possibilities: serious games, mobile games, quiz battles, etc. It is indisputable that the educational value of games provides enhancement and stimulation in skills development pathways, but in order not to be caught out at their own game, trainers must have a few tricks up their sleeves. On Thursday 19 May at 10 a.m. in Theatre n°3 of the Learning Technologies Fair, the Teach on Mars team will present its range of pedagogical games, with the exclusive unveiling of its new “Scramble Game”!

5. Stand B42: The Martian base

Beyond the conferences and Live sessions, nothing beats a discussion between you and us to talk about your Digital Learning projects, and that can be done on our booth B42. We are waiting for you!



Interested by these topics? Go to the Learning Technologies site and ask for a free pass for the live sessions!