The sky’s blue and the heat’s here… And to celebrate, Teach on Mars is offering a brand new quiz

When the sun shines on Mars, it’s great weather everywhere. For those long summer days, Teach on Mars brings you the Flower Battle, a highly colourful quiz.

A fresh and fun-packed quiz

What flower can you find lots of Provence fields? What flower is the symbol of Polynesia?

Since the dawn of time, flowers have captivated us and brought meaning to our lives. Whether used in medicine, food or literature, flowers have been found in all cultures of the world since mythological times. This summer, Teach on Mars adds a dash of colour to your favourite app and invites you to take a floral tour with this quiz!

To challenge your colleagues and friends to the Flower Battle, check out the Teach on Mars app on 12 July, or if you don’t yet have it, download it from the App Store or Google Play!

Flower Battle ToM App