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On Thursday, 22 November 2018, a breakfast event organized by the CEW was held at the prestigious Cercle Suédois in Paris on the theme: Digital retail for sure, but with the human touch.

It was an honour and a joy for us to have a platform at this event and be able to share experiences and present our vision of digitalisation at work in the retail setting. How – importantly – digital can serve to heighten in-store proximity and complicity between the beauty advisor and his or her client.

Matinale CEW intervention Tiphaine Duchet

What is the client seeking when they come into a store? If not that special moment of attention, a memorable experience, a valued piece of personalised advice? Becasue the product itself is always at the clients’ fingertips, on their tablet, from their sofa!

At Teach on Mars, for the last 5 years we have been helping trainers working with the most prestigious beauty brands pass on to their advisors, not only exemplary product knowledge – that goes without saying – but also a sense of the customer relationship, to create that little extra something that can change everything: recognition of the individual, reassurance in their choice of brand, and ultimately create brand loyalty.

Why is mobile learning so particularly suitable for beauty advisors?

To benchmark the necessary precision of the learning content and the excellence targeted in relational terms, we measure 5 key criteria, and we invite you to measure your learning systems using this grid as a yardstick.

  1. DEPLOYMENT: Are the advisors taking part in the training? Have they accessed the content online? How long on average did they spend? Did they come back?
  2. SATISFACTION: Are the advisors satisfied with the training offered to them? Do they feel they have learned things, progressed in terms of their expertise, do they feel they have grown professionally? Did they like the different learning methods/modes?
  3. KNOWLEDGE: What’s remembered straight away? What’s retained later on? In terms of technical knowledge? In terms of behavioural skills?
  4. PRACTICE: Does the client, the manager, the colleague, the coach, the trainer actually observe an improvement in the sales ceremony? With real added value in the relationship, measurable through mystery shopping or a 360° survey?
  5. CONCRETE RETURN: What is the ROI of the programme? What costs invested for what impacts on the business in the short, medium and long term? From a numbers point of view and from a brand image standpoint?
    (scale inspired by Kirkpatrick)

On each of these levels, the human relationship comes into play. The training can be partly digitalised but it must be accompanied by moments of sharing, dialogue and feedback that are deeply human experiences.

More than simply a purveyor of technology that is innovative and mobile first, Teach on Mars positions itself as a performance accelerator and above all a tool for people development: as much in terms of technical knowledge of the product and assimilation of the brand in its iconic dimension, as in terms of a broader value proposition that puts the relationship centre-stage with its human interplay and dialogue. Digital for sure, but with the human touch above all! The theme of the morning was definitely a brilliant idea and the speakers were all passionate and inspiring.

[Press Release] LumApps announces the acquisition of Teach on Mars, the leader in microlearning in Europe

[Press Release] LumApps announces the acquisition of Teach on Mars, the leader in microlearning in Europe

LumApps, the B2B SaaS scale-up revolutionizing the intranet, is acquiring the French start-up Teach on Mars. Starting from December2023, the teams of Teach on Mars (50 collaborators) will join LumApps (300collaborators); and the 5 million users of the scale-up will be able to access the mobile learning solution directly from their digital workplace.