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Dear Authors,

The previous lesson #12 started off with the praising of emotions supporting education:

  • People mimic others’ expressions. And moving muscles  are strongly linked to related emotions. Include smily videos will therefore tend to make smily therefore happier learners.
  • Information is processed more deeply and retained longer if it has an emotional hook. Use anecdotes, quotes, stories rather than factual data  would improve learners memorization.
  • Smells induce memories and hence emotions. Designing scent for influencing emotions might soon be part of a mobile apps designer’s options!

These are just a few illustrations of the potentiel impact of emotions on our teaching methods.


Aristotle said: The secret to humor is surprise. (Slightly) more recent studies corroborate the words of the late Great Greek Philosopher! People are pre-set to enjoy surprises. New things capture attention. Including some unexpected likable content in a training would not only get learners’ attention but also provide them with a pleasurable experience.

Tip: Regularly include new nice contents to surprise and therefore motivate learners

Teach on Mars illustration on surprising learners:​​


Teach on Mars SCOUT technology allows authors instantly updating and publishing new contents in SANDBOX mode.


Teach on Mars keeps on proposing new pedagogic activities, such as “Wordspool”, recently released.


Not only (pleasant) surprises delight and motivate learners. The “first impression” that gives the look and feel of the application will determine their trust indicator and therefore their motivation for the next step. People quickly decide on what is trustworthy, or not. It is therefore important to pay attention to the usability and appearance of a training, to give learners the desire to go further!

Tip: Punch up a training usability and appearance to get learners’ trust and motivation

Teach on Mars illustration on brightening mobile learning applications look and feel:​​ ToM Enterprise starts off with a video which discloses some of the pedagogical activities.


Ever day-dreamed with a smile, staring at a pastoral scene? According to some essays , most of human beings enjoy watching landscapes scenes which include hills, waters, trees, birds … It places them in a secure environment, full of protection, water and food. A sense of relaxation that helps learners to focus and achieve the flow state!

Tip: Add pastoral scenes images  to relax and concentrate learners

Teach on Mars illustration on using pastoral, calming scenes:​​

IMG_0624 IMG_0626


I have introduced you with some ingredients making the inspired learners recipe. It is now up to you to try it out and to become the next top chef!

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Ergonomic Design for Impactful Digital Resources

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