Mars Attacks Episode #6: the startup spirit


Channeling #pingpongsneakers or #wificoffeeaddict right now? Startups definitely crystallise our fantasies and at the same time embody our professional landscape under transformation.

With this sixth episode of our Mars Attack series, we invite you on a short incursion into the world of startups. 20 minutes to appropriate some of the codes of this universe and draw inspiration that we can apply in our own everyday work settings!

The episode is available on the Teach on Mars app any time now. Get the app via the App Store or Google Play. Look forward to seeing you there!


About Author

Delphine Okorokoff

Since a bookworm can be of assistance even in a spaceship, Delphine has boarded Teach on Mars' rocket to steer its interstellar odyssey towards the brand new planet Marketplace, matching her interests for humanities and innovation.

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