Five ways to shine at the second edition of the Partner Forum


Are you a fan of Teach on Mars and keen to be a mobile learning ambassador? Take every opportunity to say it loud and proud at the second edition of the Partner Forum!

Imagine more than 200 participants, customers and partners of Teach on Mars, gathered in Paris for the Partner Forum on 28 March. What better opportunity to shine a light on your mobile learning projects in 2019?!

1. Compete at the Mobile Learning Awards

Enter the Mobile Learning Awards by submitting your training courses on the following themes: “Trends”, “Expertise”, “Soft Skills” and “Corporate”, or if you’re a customer producing your own content using internal resources, then the “Customer” category is just for you! The winners in each category, together with the Jury Favourite Coup de Cœur Prize and Grand Prix, will be awarded at the ceremony opening the event.

You have until 15 February to register online and until 1 March to submit your content – there’s still time to enter the space race!

2. Join our speed-meeting event

Represent your organisation in the speed-meeting session held after the award ceremony with time for meaningful discussion between partners and customers in search of mobile learning solutions.

3. Become an official sponsor

Enjoy exceptional visibility in all media and communication devoted to this key event.

4. Join the Marketplace

Submit your off-the-shelf content for listing on the Marketplace, where it will be promoted and distributed to Teach on Mars customers and users of our app. One of the highlights of the Partner Forum will be devoted to new releases in the Marketplace and the different publishers who contribute to it.

5. Or just be there!

Even the most retiring can of course enjoy the whole programme on offer: meeting players in the sector, discovering the best solutions in our ecosystem, sharing experiences, and so on.

And if at some point you wish you’d gone for glory, you’ll always be able to light up the dance floor at our evening party to close the event.

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Since a bookworm can be of assistance even in a spaceship, Delphine has boarded Teach on Mars' rocket to steer its interstellar odyssey towards the brand new planet Marketplace, matching her interests for humanities and innovation.

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