[Mobile Learning Awards] 2023 Edition – A summary of best practices and innovative ideas

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Our team of learning experts has put together for you a rundown of the most inspiring and innovative ideas from the 2023 edition of the Mobile Learning Awards. In-depth articles for each award are coming soon. 


(100% Teach on Mars)

Le Bon Marché won over the jury with its course which made clever use of humour to create complicity with learners. 

For example, the mobile course contains light-hearted transition cards such as, “I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to create my fish”, or “What’s more, it’s a fun group activity…I’m just saying”. 

Throughout the course, touches of humour and phrases intended for learners help to swing the course into action and humanise it. 

Valmont and Diptyque achieved a wholly successful immersion in their respective spa and fragrance industries. 

Valmont in particular harnessed the strength of imagery by creating immersive visuals representing the different areas inside a spa. Learners move from one room to the next throughout the pathway.

Diptyque meanwhile, used the power of words and poetry to immerse learners in the enchanting universe of their fragrances. The extended metaphor of ‘paper’ is used throughout the course – in the description, the activity titles and the activities themselves.


(synergy between Teach on Mars and third-party authoring tools) 

Subtly incorporating SCORM activities in a native course helps to create a comforting environment for leaners, who experience a ‘conventional’ course with some new activities. The jury particularly liked the Diptyque’s subtle blend, which focused on short SCORM activities rather than a long, exclusively SCORM course. 

With a 100% immersive SCORM activity, Jaeger-LeCoultre (FHH) enabled leaners to explore their watchmaking workshop and discover the craftsmanship involved with rare professions. The course’s graphics were entirely overhauled to forge a digital experience centred around exploration and gradual discovery. 

Skillsday won the jury over with its highly practical course created with managers in mind. 

The exercises on offer are field-oriented and include role plays and anticipated decision-making; something which greatly facilitates field skills transfer! 


The winners boast a flawless editorial calendar with regular wall animation, no downtime and more intense animation for special events (without swamping leaners with too much information).

L’Oréal’s wall juggles content from all the group’s brands. While this kind of management could have proven tricky, L’Oréal passed the test with flying colours. Each brand has its own very specific graphic universe and learners can identify the brand behind each communication at first glance. 

The LVMH Fragrance Brands wall is peer learning oriented with: 

  • Invitations to comment, including sales advice and field tips such as “How would you achieve cross selling for a given product?”. 
  • Peer-produced resources such as makeup tutorials by beauty consultants. 

The wall therefore becomes a gold mine of invaluable field advice. 


The jury emphasised the quality of each project’s calendar; launching at strategic dates and with a well-defined pace. 

We particularly liked the way in which the deployment corresponded with a special event for the brand: 20 years of the AAA Sustainable Quality programme for Nespresso, rebranding for the arrival of a new Artistic Director at Burberry, etc.

The successful projects generally benefit from multi-level investment in terms of governance (head office, market, stakeholders, etc.). 

We also emphasised the ability to galvanise competent partners to guarantee the best possible learner experience (external support team, gift shop, etc.). 

IWC shone for its deployment of a training programme featuring differentiated instruction. White, yellow and blue ‘belts’ were rolled out to engage learners: from the company’s new-hires, to senior staff with years of experience. 

We hope this round-up of best practices will inspire you and we’ll see you very soon with articles for each award to enable you to find out more.