Support throughout the galaxy as the FabLab goes online in 2020!

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Are you keen to attend the FabLab but work outside the Paris region? Following a request from French customers located a long way our Paris premises as well as those abroad, we’ve devised a new way to support you.
With the New Year, the FabLab goes online so you can take part remotely!

What is the FabLab?

A unique place where our customers and partners meet to work, share and learn.
Promoting an agile way of working, the space enables everyone to benefit from:

  • Martian expertise
  • external know-how
  • the best of yourself!

Let’s think together about the structure of your training course, work on your content or even challenge your use of the Mission Center.

Find out more about the new remote FabLab

One morning a month, the doors of our face-to-face FabLab will close and we’ll switch our screens on to support those working outside the Paris region.

We’ll reserve a one hour web conferencing slot for each customer. During this hour, we’ll answer your questions, guide you through use of the Mission Center and share our best practices.

Ready for lift-off?

For an optimal experience, the FabLab is reserved for our customers and partners trained in the solution.
Not yet trained? To organise your training, contact your project manager or account manager.

A ticket to Mars

To register for the FabLab (at Le Village or remotely), book your slot by clicking on the link below.
Remember to tell us in advance which topics and questions you want to explore so we can give you the best possible experience.

For any questions, contact the Teach on Mars Academy:
See you very soon at the FabLab!

Ergonomic Design for Impactful Digital Resources

Ergonomic Design for Impactful Digital Resources

Cognitive ergonomics, dedicated to optimizing human-machine interactions, enhances productivity in digital design. Thoughtful integration of visual aids and sound, following Mayer and Mousavi’s principles, improves comprehension and reduces cognitive load. Sequence, conciseness, and awareness of redundancy are crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of digital resources.