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Our Mission

Teach on Mars

With more than 7 billion people in the known galaxy, we think it is time to change our way of teaching and learning.

That small device that nobody can live without, called a smartphone, has the potential to connect us with the world’s knowledge and best teachers. Why not use it as our trusted companion for learning?

We believe we can help teachers to unleash their true potential using our simple and powerful technology.

We believe we can help them teach beyond the limits of the traditional classroom, reaching out to more people, teaching differently.

We believe we can help them teach on Mars!

Teach on Mars NASA poster

Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the startup Teach on Mars. It's continuing mission, to explore new ways of teaching, to seek out new learning methods and new technologies. To boldly go where no trainer has gone before.

Star Trek / Teach on Mars founders, September 2012

Management team

Who we are / The crew

vincent Desnot

Vincent Desnot

Chief Executive Officer

Tanguy Deleplanque

Tanguy Deleplanque

Chief Production Officer

Nicolas Goutaland

Nicolas Goutaland

Chief Technology Officer

Tiphaine Duchet

Tiphaine Duchet

VP Operations

Emmanuel Rémy

Emmanuel Rémy

VP International Operations

Job Opportunities

Are you a Mars explorer? Join the crew!

ToM is a mobile learning platform for all trainers in the galaxy. It helps people learn more with great learning activities and social features. We like to think that we contribute to a better world through better education. If you want to join our galactic adventure and help trainers teach on Mars, please drop us a line: