Combining training and incentives – the promise made by 202 ecommerce and Teach on Mars!

Combining training and incentives – the promise made by 202 ecommerce and Teach on Mars!

As we approach the end of 2019, Teach on Mars is launching the “Gift Shop”, a page within your app to reward your employees. This initiative has been made possible thanks to our partnership with the agency 202 ecommerce.

Turbocharge use of your app!

Would you like to find a way of rewarding your sales advisers for the commitment they show to L&D? Teach on Mars and 202 ecommerce have combined their expertise to bring you a simple and engaging solution.
202 ecommerce is a web agency and PrestaShop partner offering a service that creates gift shops for company employees, and is particularly suited to the retail and luxury goods sector.
This collaboration with Teach on Mars takes the form of an app add-on with a simple publisher template involving a set-up cost and annual subscription. Many personalisation options are possible, such as customising the shop in your organisation’s colours or importing an existing catalogue.

Combine learning and incentives

You may be wondering what the reward system will look like in your training app. It’s very simple: over time your learners take new training courses created in their app, and are credited with points for each section of content completed. Points collected are then converted into gift points that can be activated by the learner to spend on the rewards platform.
For more information on the “Gift Shop” solution and its features, please contact your account manager or dedicated project manager.

Create unique events around your app with the Event Booster Kit

Create unique events around your app with the Event Booster Kit

From this winter, Teach on Mars gives you the opportunity to add sparkle to your application and optimise engagement of your learners through new packaged offers.

Support offers: choose what attracts you

The Event Booster Kit has been designed in a modular format so that you can adapt it to the different needs of your organisation and important key times:

  • when launching your app, it’s always worth considering our “Kick-off Event Kit” comprising a launch teaser and on-site facilitation orchestrated by our Teach on Mars Academy team.
  • after launching your app, create a second wave of interest around a new flagship theme, during an event (digital days) or over a given period (digital week); this module includes a supercharged promotional campaign, an events calendar and impactful tailored and/or off-the-shelf content taken from our Learning Station!
  • at any time in the life of your app or during an event involving all or some of your learners, offer a personalised immersive phygital experience. Find out more below!

Phygital learning to support your employees

Teach on Mars gives users the opportunity to learn in new and exciting ways through delivery of a phygital experience. This includes tasks to complete, instructions to follow, clues to find and challenges to be met over the course of this unforgettable experience. The aim is simple: to make learners central to their own training by offering them a combination of diverse activities: personalised learning content, asynchronous and synchronous activities that are highly gamified through use of QR codes, Live activities, geolocation beacons, etc.

To find out more about the content of our offers and prices, please contact your account manager or dedicated project manager.

Disney Stars, “a star is born”

Disney Stars, “a star is born”

On August 29th, the Disneyland Paris group launched Disney Stars, its brand new training application for its travel agents, in collaboration with Teach on Mars.


A new design for the Disney training program!

This dedicated application allows travel agents to learn and train from their smartphone when they want and where they want. Employees are kept informed of news (restaurants, shops, attractions …), promotional operations and sales advice. Over the modules and their progression, agents validate their knowledge and become experts. They can then boost their sales and enjoy exclusive B2B benefits.

In his app, the employee can wander on his news feed where he finds posts and fact sheets on news and information related to Disneyland Paris. He then accesses his training on different themes: “I want to know more”, “What’s new”, “I want to sell +”, etc. Each module is characterized by its fun aspect and ends with a quiz in which the employee can take up the challenge in solo or in a duet with his colleagues.

After France, Disney Stars is heading to the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and will win 12 other countries by 2020.
Disney Stars is available on App Store, Google Play and web version.

post linkedin disney stars de anne laure godat


Mobile Learning Summer University: 3rd edition lives up to expectations!

Mobile Learning Summer University: 3rd edition lives up to expectations!

Third time running! Yet another edition of the Mobile Learning Summer University ends with fully satisfied, re-energised participants! Once again this year, around forty blue-chip clients made attending this don’t-miss event organised by Teach on Mars teams a priority.

It began with a relaxed coffee at 10.30 am on Tuesday, 2 July, at the Beachcomber Hotel. New participants connected, “regulars” reconnected, and networking got under way. Then the plenary session kicked off for this third edition, which promised to be lively. A little (big!) surprise for 2019: Teach on Mars had the honour of hosting French comics artist Gabs, who followed the event closely and produced a final illustrated recap.

20 years of training

In keeping with tradition, Vincent Desnot, CEO and co-founder of Teach on Mars, inaugurated the event with fanfare in his welcome speech. How has training changed since 1999? Vincent drew a parallel between technological advances these past 20 years and advances in professional training. To sum up, the training offer must centre on learner needs and be available anywhere, anytime, blended into learning moments that don’t stand out as such. Learning is everywhere, long live learning! It’s up to us learning professionals to play with its protean potential.

vincent desnot 20 ans

Edmund Monk then took the stage. CEO of the Learning & Performance Institute, he talked about the future of training. One of the biggest challenges facing training professionals is the digital transformation. A modern, personalised, and digital training offer is the best way for companies to attract qualified newcomers and hold on to the best talents. In today’s high-intensity business environment, team commitment and performance have never been more crucial.

Supporting companies’ digital transformation

The insights continued with feedback sessions by two Teach on Mars clients, well attended by participants.

Maïté Amostegui, HR Digital Transformation Director with Parfums Christian Dior presented the broad outlines of a fabulous new digital transformation initiative under way for 10 months: the Dior Digital Addict project.

As for Saba Pradeilles, Group Learning Deployment Manager with AXA, she provided details on the success of an unprecedented worldwide project deployed with all company employees using a Teach on Mars solution: AXA Learning Games.

What makes both cases interesting is that mobile learning technology can be leveraged to facilitate important organisational transitions and support changing attitudes or practices with flexibility and innovation.

Learn outside the box

Tuesday, 2 July, 4.30 pm: After Jérôme Wargnier’s enriching exploration of the resonance between blended learning and phygital (check out our up-coming blog post for the content), the day was not quite over. It was the participants’ turn to take centre stage!

Divided into 6 teams, they plunged into a boisterous and immersive experience around a common thread: the colour RED! During an hour and a half of workshops (Mars – the red planet, Japan for its flag, red wine, clay courts, and, of course, fresh tomatoes), the teams used what they had learned during the game to solve riddles… in the application AND in reality!

The goal? To learn outside the box: alone and in groups, in a classroom or on the move, using the multiple functionalities proposed by Teach on Mars, all to make the learner’s experience key to the phygital system. The result? Exhilarated teams, multiple learning opportunities, uproarious laughter, acrobatics, tastings… all making for an unforgettable experience, the key factor in memory anchoring!

experience immersive UEML 2019

The future of training

After a sea-side dinner Tuesday night, Wednesday brought participants back to our application with a morning of workshops.

They shared successes and failures in project management, discussed tomorrow’s KPIs, and delved into real-world advances in Artificial Intelligence for teaching. Everyone had the chance to ask questions, exchange visions of the future, and take away dozens of new ideas!

A second English-speaker, David Perring, Head of Research with Fosway, brought this day of discussion and exploration to a close with a round of questions: How do new technologies change companies? What new attitudes do we need to adopt? How do we bridge the gap between data and learning? A video of David’s talk will soon be available on our blog.

This third edition of the Summer University closed on a note of humour and good plain fun. Gabs had captured the event’s most memorable moments in his drawings! Laughter and levity had the last word when participants discovered his renderings of clients, speakers, Martians—and themselves.

The Teach on Mars team warmly thanks everyone who contributed to the success of this third edition with their presence, enthusiasm, and ideas!This year will be hard to top, but we’re already challenging ourselves to do better in 2020!

Participants can access the content of talks, roundtables, and feedback sessions using the Teach on Mars application, which can be downloaded at the App Store and Google Play.

What participants had to say :

“I’ve got so many new ideas and projects in mind! A huge thank you to the entire team for all its work and dedication”

“We loved participating in this inspiring, instructive, and fun-filled Summer University”

“A big thank you for these interesting, enriching two days. Hat’s off to the organising team”

“Many thanks to the entire team. I’m taking away new practices, ideas, and challenges”

“Thank you for these two days, I learned so much from the experience… what great teamwork”

“We were thrilled with this Summer University! What an excellent experience!”

Breakfast on Mars is back in September!

Breakfast on Mars is back in September!

Teach on Mars is pleased to announce the return of our themed breakfast meetings in the autumn! On 20 September, a brand new Breakfast on Mars will be held at Le Village by CA in Paris.

Since its inception, Teach on Mars has always wanted to make the learner’s experience the focus of its endeavours. The digital world offers endless opportunities to learn with complete freedom, autonomy and mobility! But finding opportunities to come together, to exchange, and to get a real sense of each other, is essential.

This is why for several years now – with this phygital logic in mind – Teach on Mars has been offering the Live! program, which allows learning facilitators to energize their sessions, meetings and seminars. Today, Teach on Mars is taking it one step further by offering features that perfectly combine digital and face-to-face experience!
For you, as during the latest edition of the Mobile Learning Summer University, Teach on Mars is attached to illustrating how these innovations can be applied to stimulate learning.

Tiphaine Duchet, VP Operations and Yokshan Makonnen, Account Manager with Teach on Mars look forward to seeing you on September 20 from 8:30am to 10am at Le Village by CA to share with you their best practices so that you can offer your learners a captivating learning experience.

Would you like to join us for this Breakfast on Mars workshop? Register by sending us an email with your details (name, surname, position, company) to This event is reserved for Teach on Mars prospects. If you’re already a customer and this topic is of interest, please contact your Account Manager.