[SAVE THE DATE] Building up to the Mobile Learning Awards 2021

[SAVE THE DATE] Building up to the Mobile Learning Awards 2021

The winners of the 2020 edition are receiving their trophies as we speak, and this year no exceptions will be made. The Teach on Mars team is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of the Mobile Learning Awards 2021 !


See you in the Spring !

Are you a Teach on Mars customer or partner who implements projects using our mobile learning solution? Are you looking for greater visibility for your company? Try your luck and take part in the 2021 edition of the Mobile Learning Awards. After a somewhat turbulent 2020, registrations will begin in spring to give every participant their chance to win. Submissions will follow before the summer and the winners will be announced in autumn 2021.


2020 winners, pose with your trophies !

To all the 2020 winners, unfortunately we were unable to come together this year to celebrate your triumph. To enable us to acknowledge your achievements remotely, please feel free to post a photo of your trophies on social networks and don’t forget to mention Teach on Mars! If you didn’t take part in previous editions or if you’d like to look back on some of the fun had at the Partner Forum events, you can see images here.

See you soon on Mars for more information!

The Learning Station — Santa’s sack is full to bursting this holiday season

The Learning Station — Santa’s sack is full to bursting this holiday season

It might not be Christmas just yet but there’s no harm in treating yourself before the big day! So, unwrap the new features of the Learning Station, our mobile-first off-the-shelf training catalog.


To infinity and abroad

The new retail trends with AuCœurDuLuxe

AuCoeurDuLuxe (ACDL) has been a leading global training provider for luxury sales teams in Asia and the rest of the world since 2009. ACDL steers the teams of the most prestigious groups towards customer excellence, while protecting the brand’s culture, in 4 sectors: fashion, watchmaking, wine & spirits and cosmetics.

The know-how of thirty AuCoeurDuLuxe experts now serves more than 80 brands on 20 different markets, with high performance services in points of sale and bespoke or off-the-shelf synchronous and digital training courses.

With its original “The New Normal ©”, ACDL proposes 10, 15-minute training courses offering concrete support to in-store employees to adapt to the new purchasing habits of customers during the health crisis which the world is currently facing. You will discover new trends and consumption habits, the touch-free sales experience and the art of understanding customers’ needs. All of this is already available in English and Mandarin (French and other languages available upon request).


Translations galore for referenced training courses

Kokoroe, the publisher which “allows everyone to be trained in the skills of tomorrow” and grand prize winner in the Tech for Good Awards 2020’s Education category, is returning to the Learning Station at the end of 2020. There will be around twenty titles in English on many on-trend subjects such as:

  • cultural adaptation to digital technology:
    • Big Data: Finally understanding the basics
    • Behind the scenes in the IoT
  • creativity:
    • Maintaining collective creativity
    • Hacking your creativity
    • Placing creativity at the heart of an organization
  • soft-skills:
    • How to become agile
    • Deciphering the marketing of emotion
    • Effective stress management
  • And many others…

Skillsday also has some new titles in English, including:

  • The art of feedback,
  • Restoring users to their rightful place with Design Thinking
  • Good time management (for managers and employees)
  • Remote management

Need courses in English? Please see the full list of titles in our dedicated playlist which now represents one third of the Learning Station catalog, without forgetting our new international Cegos offer with the “Soft Skills Specialist” catalog to assist with all of your projects.
Do you remember our last episode in the Mars Attack series on lateral thinking, released last September? The course “Thinking outside the box: do you dare to step out of the box?” is now available in English. Click here.

quiz thinking outside the box version anglaise Mars Attack episode #7 English version: “There is no box. How to REALLY think outside the box”



New Made in France features

New management tools with EdUP

Do you find it easy to manage stress at work? Are you effective and efficient when teleworking? Have you ever wondered if your staff are too? EdUp is presenting a collection of short courses for managers on extremely topical subjects. The aim of the short courses is to assimilate the basics and get to the heart of the issue for greater reactivity when implementing initiatives aiming to resolve these problems. EdUp offers 6 courses

  • Managing former work colleagues
  • Managing FOMO
  • Managing a difficult employee
  • Managing a stressed employee
  • Managing a new employee
  • Managing a teleworking team, a highly topical issue!

contenus edup learning station teach on mars


More finance with Action on Line

What is a company’s value? How can it be determined? How can you distinguish “market value” and “market price”? Action on Line, our publisher specializing in finance, is offering a brand-new course to enable you to answer these questions. Discover lessons interspersed with fun activities to grasp the two valuation methods most commonly used by evaluation professionals, namely the multiples of valuation and Discounted Cash-Flows, DCF.

formation sur etagere finance action on line learning station


Unwind this festive season with Edinovo

During the festive break, why not unwind with a large helping of escapism and a pinch of general knowledge? This month, Edinovo takes you to discover the “ninth art”, comic strips and the universe of mangas with:

  • Comics, my super hero!
  • Comics, the 9th art!
  • Made in…manga

On a completely different note, check out the course “familiarize yourself with copyright” for those wondering about intellectual property and the intricacies of copyright.


A surprise beneath the Christmas tree – the Christmas Quiz!

Are you acquainted with Japanese Christmas traditions? Ever heard how Venezuelans from Caracas travel to Christmas Mass? Do you know about Christmas traditions in the US and around the world? Find out the answers in the X-Mas Battle, a fun-filled quiz by Teach on Mars, to discover in the “Mars Express” category of the Learning Station.

Find all these new features in the Learning Station Playlist (available in French and English) or the Teach on Mars application, which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play, with the entire demo version of the catalog just for you!


New features and updates for December 2020

New features and updates for December 2020

I bet you’ve been waiting for this year to end, haven’t you? Us too! And to mark the occasion, Teach on Mars is proposing 3 new features to decorate your training app and start off the new year in style! Interactivity, mobile responsiveness and a new interface design.


A new, mobile responsive Web App

The Teach on Mars Web App is getting a make-over — with a new design, identical to that of mobile native applications, it offers an unparalleled experience on computers and smartphones alike. The enhancements provide “responsivity” making the Web App a perfect fit for smartphone and tablet screens.

web app responsive teach on mars The Teach on Mars Web App: find all your content in your favorite browser on all screens 


On the web, you’ll find all the mobile application content: the Wall, catalog, searches, ongoing training courses, learner profile, etc. Only the Quiz Game and in particular the famous “Duel” mode, which enables learners to challenge one another, remains exclusively available on iOS and Android native mobile applications.


Videos on your Wall for greater interactivity

Itching to see more animation in publication comments on the Wall? You’re not the only one! You’ll be pleased to know that learners can now post videos in the comments on the Wall, directly from their smartphone, like on leading mobile social applications.

commentaires video communications wall app teach on mars


Videos are an attractive and engaging way to learn. They facilitate the transfer of knowledge, captivate audiences and may be used in various different forms.

Do you want to engage learners in a fun way? Why not try organizing competitions with videos to challenge and test their creativity? Here are a few examples:

  • Share your best tutorial with product X
  • Post your favorite look with accessory Y
  • Take me on a virtual tour of your store

Videos are also a way to interact with learners and start a conversation within your organization. For example:

  • Ask new employees to post an introduction video of themselves
  • Urge your experts to present their jobs or share their good practices
  • Encourage your teams to provide feedback about projects

Videos allow learners to express themselves, draw inspiration, share recommendations, experience and good practices in their own way and foster group dynamics and social learning.


Brand-new introduction and conclusion cards

We regularly improve the interface of our applications to offer the very best experience to learners. Beneath the Christmas tree, you’ll find something new in the introduction and conclusion cards.

From now on, for each module you’ll be able to add the image of your choice on the activity introduction card. If there is no image, you’ll see the standard white background, which has been modernized, in coherence with the new conclusion cards.

cartes introduction et conclusion app teach on mars Introduction cards change (Before→ After)


And what about the conclusion cards… At the end of your activities, on the last card you’ll discover a whole new style with icons and new buttons.

✅  : the activity is complete (for activities without a score)
👏🏻  : the activity is validated (for a successful scored activity)
🌧️  : the activity is not validated (for an unsuccessful scored activity), learners can try again by pressing a button

cartes conclusion app mobile learning teach on mars Conclusion cards change (Before→ After)


If the learners have succeeded, they will be congratulated and can pass on to the next activity. If they have failed, the conclusion card encourages them to persevere and proposes starting the activity from scratch to access the next step in the course.

Apart from making it easier to understand if an activity is successful or not, the new conclusion cards offer more fluid navigation, so that learners can pass directly from one activity to another within the same module, without returning to the training screen. It is only at the end of the module that learners are invited to come back, take stock and have an overall vision of the course structure and the activities in the next module.

We hope that these new features will boost your desire to learn and to train – and your learners too! The whole Teach on Mars team wishes you an excellent festive period and we hope to see you in 2021 for more new features: a new educational multiple choice game, planned communications, a new training search engine and more besides. Want to find out more? Read our CEO’s article on the trajectory of the Teach on Mars rocket in 2021.

Teach on Mars and Cegos team up for an international distribution partnership

Teach on Mars and Cegos team up for an international distribution partnership

Cegos, the international professional training leader and Teach on Mars, the European mobile learning leader have signed a distribution partnership agreement for Soft Skills content for the European Union, Switzerland and Great Britain.

Through this partnership, Teach on Mars provides its clients with Cegos’ “Soft Skills Specialist” catalog. The catalog contains more than 120 mobile responsive training courses in up to 19 different languages.


Soft Skills in the spotlight!

With decades of experience in the creation of soft skill content, Cegos now has more than 2 million learners in 50 countries and the most consulted categories include:

  • Management and Leadership
  • Personal development
  • Professional and personal efficiency
  • Project Management
  • Sales and Customer Relations


An offer to suit everybody… or almost!

The catalog is a way of engaging your learners thanks to international content. Content is not only translated, it is tailored to the cultural specificities of each country. Most courses are now available in Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian and Chinese, but there is also content in Japanese, Dutch and Slovak.

The Cegos Group partnership is the perfect expression of our vision of nurturing employees’ desire to learn, through a diversified content offering in terms of format, length and one which is suited to an international environment. The teaching resources can also be used by our clients on the Wall of their applications, as well as in their training catalog. The availability of the content in 19 languages is also a significant advantage for our client portfolio, predominantly made up of international groups.” explains Delphine Canon, VP Solutions at Teach on Mars.


An interactive catalog

The Cegos catalog highlights the transformation of knowledge into skills and their application in everyday life. Each course places an onus on interactivity so that learners play an active role in facilitating this process. The catalog offers no fewer than 25 activities; the most popular include annotated exercises, role plays, training scenarios and self-assessments.

interactive catalogue cegos app teach on mars


3 learning formats

To ensure learners progress, the catalog offers 3 complementary formats:

  • Classic (15 min): a fun, engaging and interactive way of learning and mastering the basics of any skill,
  • Focus (10 min): specific everyday life scenarios to provide learning which is in line with practice,
  • Intensive (7 min): to consolidate learning over time by practicing.

classic focus intensive learning formats

“Keys to set up a remote team” (Classic), “Develop and implement an action plan”
(Focus), “Giving positive and constructive feedback” (Intensive)


We are proud to embark upon this partnership with Teach on Mars, a trailblazing mobile learning start-up with whom we share the same learning and development convictions. The digital revolution and global competition are disrupting skills management. The challenge is even more significant due to the world health crisis which we are currently experiencing and which will have far-reaching consequences on employment and working habits. The strength of the platform and Teach on Mars’ mobile native content, coupled with the premium content in our soft skills catalog localized into 19 languages, is a perfectly tailored solution to today’s business requirements,” adds Pascal Debordes, Directeur of the international partner network for the Cegos Group.

If you are interested in the content of the Cegos catalog and would like your learners to access it directly in their training application, get in touch with your account manager or the Teach on Mars team without delay!

Teach on Mars brings its customers to the heart of the development of its solution

Teach on Mars brings its customers to the heart of the development of its solution

At Teach on Mars, we constantly strive to improve our solution to better meet our customers’ needs. For this to happen, we involve them in the earliest stages of development, as we consider and design the features.

Listening to our customers’ expectations

Since its creation in 2013, Teach on Mars has been developing its products and its new features in consultation with its customers. This has resulted in learning content recommendation, the Wall and its like, share and comment options, the integration of third-party content, the gift store and many other features besides.

Last month, we asked a panel of customers to give us their opinion about the interface of our latest Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ) educational game. More recently, other explorer customers have been looking at interface enhancements planned for early 2021. Stay tuned!

concepts futur qcm teach on mars Different concepts proposed for the future multiple-choice game


The feedback portal

Got some feedback about the solution? Thinking about improvements? A missing feature? Teach on Mars customers can access our feedback portal to share their ideas and vote for others. This portal guides our thinking and helps prioritize the next features in our roadmap.

For example, scheduling the sending of communications on the application’s Wall has received 44 votes since it was first submitted 8 months ago. It is currently under development and will be released in the first quarter of 2021.

fonctionnalite planification communication app teach on mars

planification communications

Want to know more about the processing of feedback at Teach on Mars? Read the article “How customer feedback is managed” written by our Feedback Manager.

There will be something for everyone

Like this initiative? Good news! We are committed to regularly soliciting our customer ecosystem to think, design and test with us the new features they are most eager to see! Each time, we will use a panel of representative customers. If you are a regular visitor to our feedback portal, you have a good chance of being contacted to take part!