Lateral thinking or the art of thinking outside the box

Lateral thinking or the art of thinking outside the box

In September, Mars Attacks is back in your Teach on Mars app with a new episode: “Thinking outside the box”. Lessons, practical exercises and games – this training course brings together all your favourite activities for an enriching and unusual experience.

Think outside the box and get lateral!

In business, change can be incessant and even brutal… “Thinking outside the box” transforms, rejuvenates and revolutionises conventional wisdom without destroying its foundations. Lateral thinking allows your learners to take a problem and solve it in a different, less habitual way. The search for the unknown broadens horizons and empowers a team to step out of its comfort zone and innovate. Feeling convinced? Then let’s head off into the unexpected!

Multiple activities to explore lateral thinking

“What I hear, I forget,
What I see, I remember
What I do, I understand.”

Whether these words were uttered by Confucius, Franklin or an illustrious anonymous source (we don’t actually know), there’s nothing better than a bit of action to start exploring lateral thinking! Whether you’re a Teach on Mars customer or new to mobile learning, this course in the Mars Attacks series is a good way of (re)discovering the different activities offered by the solution; each step will give you key ideas and invite you to think a little bit more outside the box.


Your first mission: an introductory game to get you into the flow and help you understand how it works. In one hand, your smartphone. In the other, a pencil. In short, an invitation to phygital learning just how we like it.


Following this first exercise, different lessons and games will allow you to decipher your experience and get to know yourself better.


Tips and best practices will be revealed during the course to cultivate your creativity and make the bigger picture part of your daily life.

To end on a high note, we offer two mystery bonuses to unlock at the end of the training… provided you’ve successfully completed the previous challenges!

An opportunity to discover the ThingLink tool

In addition to the fifteen educational activities offered as standard in the Teach on Mars authoring tool, you can incorporate a wide range of content into your mobile training courses through Web Activities.

Virtual or augmented reality, video games and so much more… Your imagination (or your web agency’s) is almost the only limit. Compatible with the SCORM standard, these activities can provide data reports, such as the learner’s progress, their score or the points they could earn in the activity.

The Mars Attacks #7 training course contains a web activity, created with ThingLink (one of the third party authoring tools supported by Teach on Mars). Here you’ll find an interactive display panel where you can see the inspiration behind this episode!


How to find this content

The “ Mars Attacks – Thinking outside the box” course is available free of charge in the “Showroom” category and in the “Mars Attacks” sub-category of the Teach on Mars app, downloadable from the App Store​ and Google Play.

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Want to include this course in your app? Talk to your account manager or contact us.

Report on the Top Employers x Teach on Mars survey

Report on the Top Employers x Teach on Mars survey

In the current situation, with its radical impact on our personal and professional daily lives, we thought it would be useful to ask our customers a series of specific questions through a quantitative and qualitative research survey. So we partnered up with Top Employers Institute and then compared a 2019 survey with the more recent feedback and testimonials.


We wanted to compare what we’ve learnt during the pandemic with a bigger reality, not only in relation to Teach on Mars customers but across the entire HR community.

As the crisis unfolded, it was digital learning and distance training solutions that came to the rescue of employee development. 93% of respondents stepped up distance learning, with 70% of these deploying a distance learning solution they didn’t necessarily have before the pandemic.

At the same time, a need for social connection was also seen, leading to a number of different formats being introduced such as virtual classes, facilitation tools and distance learning (LMS or mobile learning). Other respondents opted for remote coaching and creating a sense of employee community via social media.

The sudden arrival of the pandemic meant that many organisations were caught off guard, and HR professionals found they couldn’t always respond quickly enough due to a lack of:

  • time (30%): organisations had to find solutions for their employees within a highly limited timeframe. We saw this for ourselves at Teach on Mars during the first three weeks of lockdown when we were inundated by customers looking for alternative solutions to put in place as soon as possible.
  • tools (18%): for example, virtual classrooms, digital learning platforms, etc.
  • digital expertise (10%): some respondents didn’t have the knowledge required to blend courses and make them multimodal with the inclusion of digital, synchronous and virtual learning opportunities.
  • interactions (9%).
  • resources (9%): the introduction of short-time working meant some companies lacked resources.

The impact of the pandemic on future practices

Among the formats rolled out in organisations, some will continue for the long term:

  1. synchronous learning opportunities, both virtual and those facilitated via virtual classes and events. Some companies will now opt for distance learning with lots of links and interactions rather than full face-to-face training.
  2. digital learning, which is no longer seen as a passing fad and has become fully embedded in training practices.
  3. social connections, reinforced with distance coaching, social media and virtual classes.

What we’re now witnessing is a transformation of training departments as they become training facilitators and empower each and every employee to also become trainers in their own right.

Our vision of tomorrow’s learning

According to Delphine Canon, VP Global Alliances at Teach on Mars: “For Teach on Mars, the lessons learned from this survey are remarkably consistent with the key characteristics of our vision of future learning practices.

We’ve selected four characteristics that we’re paying special attention to, with the aim of continuing to develop features that will allow our customers to champion them.

  • A business focus: our solution is mainly used by businesses to develop skills that have an impact on corporate performance.
  • The social side of learning: as the period we’ve just been through has shown, employees need to converse, dialogue and reconnect. In our applications, this can be done by sharing content, and liking and commenting on articles, resources and videos via the Wall. In training systems, trainers initiate conversations to identify expectations, motivations, answer questions and push resources to learners as well as collecting feedback.
  • Smart training: artificial intelligence is a hot topic and Teach on Mars and INRIA (the French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation) are working hand in hand on a smart app so that learners can easily find the resources they need. The aim here is to create a personalised experience and prescribe training courses.
  • An employee-centric dimension: training must be adaptable to the needs and expectations of employees and not the other way around. This means not only providing business content but also soft-skills courses. Learners should be encouraged to contribute to their community by posting their own resources while also being given choices as to when and how they train.

Watch the whole webinar on the Top Employers Institute YouTube channel.

Teach on Mars & Skillsday join forces with Whoog to support healthcare workers

Teach on Mars & Skillsday join forces with Whoog to support healthcare workers

In order to assist the healthcare personnel mobilised to work during the Covid-19 pandemic, Whoog launched the online platform “Solidarité Soignants” (Solidarity with Healthcare Workers). Teach on Mars worked in collaboration with its historic partner, Skillsday, to help the healthcare ecosystem.

banner solidarite soignants initiative whoog

A group of socially-responsible companies

Whoog is a Sophia Antipolis start-up specialising in healthcare worker recruitment and staffing solutions and offers its services free of charge to establishments such as teaching hospitals, regular hospitals, not-for-profit health and welfare establishments, care homes, clinics, and public and private institutions.

The company is behind the “Solidarité Soignants” initiative, an online platform set up to support health professionals responding to the Covid-19 pandemic and caring for those affected. In order to assist these dedicated people, several socially-responsible companies are providing various services free of charge to support them and make their daily lives easier. These include prevention of psychological and social risks, provision of low-cost housing, delivery of basic necessities, childcare, etc. The companies involved include Moodwork,, Airbnb, Teach on Mars, Ambler, GoMecano & Cocolis.

Skillsday & Teach on Mars: mobile learning for health

As a result of the current situation, Teach on Mars decided to take action and join forces with Skillsday, one of its long-established partners, in order to provide help to healthcare workers. Fifteen free-of-charge training courses were made available by the publisher to meet training needs. This free content is designed for hospital staff and available on the Teach on Mars app.

To date, more than 2000 healthcare workers in France have benefited from the free services of the platform set up by Whoog and its partners!

What they said in the press…

…and in social media.


Et les nominés des Mobile Learning Awards 2020 sont…

Et les nominés des Mobile Learning Awards 2020 sont…

Compte tenu du contexte lié au Covid, Teach on Mars reporte le Partner Forum, initialement prévu le 26 mars à Paris. Mais ce n’est que partie remise ! Nous vous donnons rendez-vous le 1er juillet prochain dans un format inédit, toujours aussi – voire encore plus – attractif !

Les candidats en lice

Après évaluation de plus de 50 formations en lice et délibération, le Comité Éditorial Teach on Mars, a le plaisir de révéler la liste des nominés de chaque catégorie.

Catégorie Soft Skills :

  • Auchan Retail France avec Skillsday : Digital & Management
  • Saint-Gobain avec Skillsday : Feedback Here and Now
  • Tips n’ Learn : Bouge de là !
  • Vinci Energies Systèmes d’Information : Digital Workplace Program, Booster son efficacité personnelle !

Catégorie Expertise :

  • AKTO réseau Opcalia avec Balthazar Akademy et Paradoxes Conseil : Parlons Digital
  • Ecole de la Banque et du réseau la Poste avec Skillsday : La lutte contre le blanchiment de capitaux et le financement du terrorisme
  • EDHEC Business School avec Skillsday : Gérer un projet avec la méthode SCRUM

Catégorie Corporate :

  • BPCE : Cyber Sécurité – Escape Game
  • Coty avec Takoma : BOSS ALIVE
  • Disneyland Paris : Hôtels Disney, où les rêves deviennent réalité
  • PUIG avec SURF : Nina Rouge

Catégorie Déploiement Client :

  • Axa : Événement Axa Learning Week
  • BPCE : Animation Calendrier de l’Event
  • Chloé : Lancement de la Chloé Academy
  • Roche : Déploiement du dispositif DigiChek

L’équipe remercie chaleureusement tous les participants de l’édition 2020 !

Embarquement à Paris pour une journée cosmique !

Il a été décidé, là encore au regard des incertitudes liées au Coronavirus, de déménager l’Université d’Été du Mobile Learning à Paris. Les martiens auront le plaisir de retrouver clients et partenaires à l’Élysées Biarritz pour une journée entièrement dédiée au mobile learning ! Au programme de cette journée unique : conférences, rencontres avec des experts, partage entre pairs, … et bien d’autres surprises (mobiles) encore ! On continuera sur cette lancée avec les temps forts du Partner Forum : remise des Mobile Learning Awards, speed meeting entre clients et partenaires. Cette journée se clôturera avec le cocktail dînatoire et une soirée qui se promet interstellaire !

[Save the Date] Don’t miss the 4th edition of the Mobile Learning Summer University

[Save the Date] Don’t miss the 4th edition of the Mobile Learning Summer University

Teach on Mars is pleased to announce to its most loyal customers the launch of the fourth edition of the Mobile Learning Summer University to be held on July 1st!

This annual event, now a must in the digital learning ecosystem, brings together around 60 L&D Directors for a day of intensive debates and workshops at the Elysées Biarritz, Paris.

So what’s in store for 2020?

Inspiring conferences led by leading experts, collaborative workshops, immersive experiences… not to mention networking opportunities, moments of reflection between peers with a team of Martians on hand, all dedicated to the success of your projects!

Sounds enticing? The detailed program will be revealed in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Calling all trainers, Digital Learning Managers and L&D Directors! If you are interested in this event, register now by sending us an email with your details to or by using the registration form.

Visit the Mobile Learning Summer University website to get a flavour for the event through memorabilia of previous editions.