2020 Partner Forum and Mobile Learning Awards: ready for lift-off!

2020 Partner Forum and Mobile Learning Awards: ready for lift-off!

Are you a Teach on Mars customer or partner and do you implement projects using our solution? Come join us for the third edition of the Mobile Learning Awards and Partner Forum held in Paris on March 26, 2020.

Have you noticed it too? As soon as winter looms on the horizon from our Martian rocket, there’s something in the air: a don’t-miss convivial annual event, made for talking and sharing, with a bit of glitter and even a handful of stars… You’re probably thinking of Christmas and New Year’s Eve. But in fact, at Teach on Mars, our team’s minds are elsewhere as they work hard preparing for our big annual gala evening: the Partner Forum!

Partner Forum: save the date

Following the success of the first two editions of the Partner Forum, attended by more than 200 participants each year, Teach on Mars is delighted to invite its partners and customers to another evening dedicated to mobile learning on March 26, 2020.

The evening will include announcing the winners of the 2020 Mobile Learning Awards, time for mobile learning specialists to chat and exchange ideas, and the latest news on Teach on Mars turnkey content offers, all in a friendly and inspiring atmosphere. Mark your diaries and see you in January when registration for the event officially opens!

Mobile Learning Awards: ready, set, go?

Notice is hereby given to all fans of the Teach on Mars solution! This year, applications are open to all customers and partners in the Teach on Mars ecosystem to compete for the following awards:

  • Prix de la Formation “Soft Skills” : compétences génériques de développement personnel,
  • Prix de la Formation “Expertise” : connaissances génériques sur un métier, un domaine ou un secteur,
  • Prix de la Formation “Corporate” : formations relatives à un contexte client spécifique (produits & services, onboarding, culture d’entreprise, etc.),
  • Prix du Déploiement Client : projets clients incluant une formation et la stratégie de déploiement associée,
  • Prix Coup de Coeur : formation la plus appréciée du Jury, toutes catégories confondues.


  • “Soft Skills” Training Award: generic personal development skills
  • “Expertise” Training Award: generic knowledge on a profession, area or sector
  • “Corporate” Training Award: training relating to a specific customer context (products & services, onboarding, corporate culture, etc.)
  • Customer Deployment Award: customer projects including a training course and associated deployment strategy
  • Special Favourite Award: the jury’s favourite training course selected from all categories.

As in previous editions, the lucky winners of the competition will be declared on completion of an internal shortlisting process performed by Teach on Mars mobile learning experts, followed by the assessment of an external jury containing a panel of professionals from the L&D sector.

External jury: how about you?

If you’re a customer and don’t want to submit an application to the competition, another leading role is available to you in the Mobile Learning Awards! Assess shortlisted training courses, decide on the winners and award prizes during the ceremony: this will be your mission, should you choose to accept it.

If you’re interested in this role, let us know by completing the registration form here, so that we can contact you to check and confirm your eligibility.

See you in 2020 for the next bit!

Are you planning to take part? Two presentation sessions with time to ask questions will be held on January 14 and 16. To register, it’s here!

From January 17, 2020, you’ll find all the documents and information required for taking part on the Partner Forum website, including:

  • Presentation of the competition
  • Competition rules
  • Applicant registration form.

Until then, our organisational team is available for your questions at the following address: partners@teachonmars.com and looks forward to meeting you in 2020. See you soon!

Breakfast on Mars, in Milan!

Breakfast on Mars, in Milan!

After landing its rocket in London, Casablanca and then Geneva in September, Teach on Mars heads off to Italy. As part of its ongoing European expansion, Teach on Mars has sponsored the French Tech Days Italy. This event, organised by the Business France team on October 15 and 16, 2019 at Le Village by CA in Milan, included various workshops, talks and pitch sessions to boost the French Tech ecosystem based in Milan.

village by ca milan italie french tech days

On the first day, Teach on Mars took part in the talk on open innovation strategy. Emmanuel Remy, International Operations at Teach on Mars, gave a presentation on “Mobile learning in the performance era” (“Il learning nell’era della performance”).

The second day was the highlight of the event, with Teach on Mars inviting its Italian prospects and clients to the very first Breakfast on Mars in its Italian base. The breakfast was the perfect forum for presenting a client testimonial. Giorgia Bazzoli, Global Training Manager at Rimowa (a luxury luggage brand and subsidiary of the LVMH Group), shared her feedback on the mobile learning system set up for 1050 customer advisors in more than 150 points of sale. In her talk she reviewed the onboarding process that allows the brand’s sales force to acquire excellent knowledge of the company, its products and selling ceremonies in record time. The morning was wrapped with a discussion and networking session.

Teach on Mars redefines the mobile learning journey at Learning Live 2019!

Teach on Mars redefines the mobile learning journey at Learning Live 2019!

Early September saw the Teach on Mars international development team straight out on the road again after the summer break and back in London for the Sophia-Antipolis start-up’s second participation at the annual Learning Live event.

Organised by the Learning & Performance Institute (LPI), Learning Live brings together more than 500 learning leaders and nearly 40 top learning providers from across the world to share insights and experience on how they are grappling with today’s biggest workplace learning challenges.

The 2019 edition was dominated by the twin themes of “How To Build A Learning Culture” and “The Digital Transformation Of Learning”. These are two key components of what Teach on Mars calls the mobile learning journey, and the company prides itself on the agility and the creativity with which it accompanies every client and every individual learner along that journey.

Because action always speaks far louder than words, and because a participating audience is infinitely more engaged than a passive one, Teach on Mars decided to use its workshop session on Day 2 of the event to demonstrate in real time and in real life just how engaging, how non-threatening and how human that mobile learning journey can be.

To do this, the team was privileged to be joined by Daniel Muccio of Parfums Christian Dior, who shared his compelling story of how the MyDior mobile app created in partnership with Teach on Mars is inspiring the emergence of an all-new learning culture right across the brand’s UK & Ireland subsidiary. Passionate and pragmatic in equal measure, Daniel blew a number of common misconceptions about mobile learning right out of the water. He helped the audience understand that mobile learning is not just for digital natives (average age of the 800+ learners in his Dior UK population is well over 40 years old), and that any technical obstacles can be overcome with a little ingenuity (staff who do not have their own smartphones access learning activities through self-service tablets that Daniel has installed in his points of sale).

Daniel also insisted that while technology and learning content are important, they are in his estimation less so than the “human touch” and individual connection that a well-designed and effectively deployed mobile learning solution enables an organisation to create with its employees. There will obviously be resistance, he stressed, and not everyone will adopt the solution at the same speed or with the same appetite. But with patience, perseverance and empathy every single learner can be motivated to discover for him or herself the benefits of developing a mobile learning habit.

To give the workshop audience a taste of exactly what Daniel was talking about, the Teach on Mars team of Marielle Baudet and Adam Charlesworth crafted a fully immersive experience that recreated from start to finish mobile learning journey from the learner’s point of view. With not a Powerpoint slide or a boring introduction in sight, and in just 45 minutes, the 30-plus participants were able to:

  • download the Teach on Mars app to their own devices using specially created QR codes, then create and personalise their own learner account;
  • access the same exclusive interactive mobile learning content which was being used to illustrate Daniel’s presentation;
  • and even take part in a live, competitive quiz-based challenge that recreated the learner experience Daniel is offering his own Dior UK learner populations.

If the engagement of the audience is anything to go by – everyone wanted “just one more go” at the quiz, even though lunch was waiting for them after the session – this was a highly effective illustration of just how much impact mobile learning can have on learning culture.

Teach on Mars would like to thank Parfums Christian Dior UK & Ireland and (particularly) Daniel Muccio for all their support and assistance – and hopes to see you all at Learning Live 2020!

Mobile Learning Summer University: 3rd edition lives up to expectations!

Mobile Learning Summer University: 3rd edition lives up to expectations!

Third time running! Yet another edition of the Mobile Learning Summer University ends with fully satisfied, re-energised participants! Once again this year, around forty blue-chip clients made attending this don’t-miss event organised by Teach on Mars teams a priority.

It began with a relaxed coffee at 10.30 am on Tuesday, 2 July, at the Beachcomber Hotel. New participants connected, “regulars” reconnected, and networking got under way. Then the plenary session kicked off for this third edition, which promised to be lively. A little (big!) surprise for 2019: Teach on Mars had the honour of hosting French comics artist Gabs, who followed the event closely and produced a final illustrated recap.

20 years of training

In keeping with tradition, Vincent Desnot, CEO and co-founder of Teach on Mars, inaugurated the event with fanfare in his welcome speech. How has training changed since 1999? Vincent drew a parallel between technological advances these past 20 years and advances in professional training. To sum up, the training offer must centre on learner needs and be available anywhere, anytime, blended into learning moments that don’t stand out as such. Learning is everywhere, long live learning! It’s up to us learning professionals to play with its protean potential.

vincent desnot 20 ans

Edmund Monk then took the stage. CEO of the Learning & Performance Institute, he talked about the future of training. One of the biggest challenges facing training professionals is the digital transformation. A modern, personalised, and digital training offer is the best way for companies to attract qualified newcomers and hold on to the best talents. In today’s high-intensity business environment, team commitment and performance have never been more crucial.

Supporting companies’ digital transformation

The insights continued with feedback sessions by two Teach on Mars clients, well attended by participants.

Maïté Amostegui, HR Digital Transformation Director with Parfums Christian Dior presented the broad outlines of a fabulous new digital transformation initiative under way for 10 months: the Dior Digital Addict project.

As for Saba Pradeilles, Group Learning Deployment Manager with AXA, she provided details on the success of an unprecedented worldwide project deployed with all company employees using a Teach on Mars solution: AXA Learning Games.

What makes both cases interesting is that mobile learning technology can be leveraged to facilitate important organisational transitions and support changing attitudes or practices with flexibility and innovation.

Learn outside the box

Tuesday, 2 July, 4.30 pm: After Jérôme Wargnier’s enriching exploration of the resonance between blended learning and phygital (check out our up-coming blog post for the content), the day was not quite over. It was the participants’ turn to take centre stage!

Divided into 6 teams, they plunged into a boisterous and immersive experience around a common thread: the colour RED! During an hour and a half of workshops (Mars – the red planet, Japan for its flag, red wine, clay courts, and, of course, fresh tomatoes), the teams used what they had learned during the game to solve riddles… in the application AND in reality!

The goal? To learn outside the box: alone and in groups, in a classroom or on the move, using the multiple functionalities proposed by Teach on Mars, all to make the learner’s experience key to the phygital system. The result? Exhilarated teams, multiple learning opportunities, uproarious laughter, acrobatics, tastings… all making for an unforgettable experience, the key factor in memory anchoring!

experience immersive UEML 2019

The future of training

After a sea-side dinner Tuesday night, Wednesday brought participants back to our application with a morning of workshops.

They shared successes and failures in project management, discussed tomorrow’s KPIs, and delved into real-world advances in Artificial Intelligence for teaching. Everyone had the chance to ask questions, exchange visions of the future, and take away dozens of new ideas!

A second English-speaker, David Perring, Head of Research with Fosway, brought this day of discussion and exploration to a close with a round of questions: How do new technologies change companies? What new attitudes do we need to adopt? How do we bridge the gap between data and learning? A video of David’s talk will soon be available on our blog.

This third edition of the Summer University closed on a note of humour and good plain fun. Gabs had captured the event’s most memorable moments in his drawings! Laughter and levity had the last word when participants discovered his renderings of clients, speakers, Martians—and themselves.

The Teach on Mars team warmly thanks everyone who contributed to the success of this third edition with their presence, enthusiasm, and ideas!This year will be hard to top, but we’re already challenging ourselves to do better in 2020!

Participants can access the content of talks, roundtables, and feedback sessions using the Teach on Mars application, which can be downloaded at the App Store and Google Play.

What participants had to say :

“I’ve got so many new ideas and projects in mind! A huge thank you to the entire team for all its work and dedication”

“We loved participating in this inspiring, instructive, and fun-filled Summer University”

“A big thank you for these interesting, enriching two days. Hat’s off to the organising team”

“Many thanks to the entire team. I’m taking away new practices, ideas, and challenges”

“Thank you for these two days, I learned so much from the experience… what great teamwork”

“We were thrilled with this Summer University! What an excellent experience!”

Teach on Mars – Learning Live in London!

Teach on Mars – Learning Live in London!

The red-and-white rocket is London-bound again, and will be landing at the annual Learning Live event for the second year running in early September.

No sooner has the dust settled on the resounding success of its third annual Mobile Learning Summer University than the Teach on Mars team is already planning its next exciting mission. Straight after the summer break, a crew will be setting course for London and the Learning Live event organised by the Learning & Performance Institute (LPI) on September 4 and 5.

The LPI is one of the world’s foremost and most respected authorities on workplace learning, and Learning Live is its annual flagship event, bringing together more than 500 learning leaders from across the world for two days of debate, co-creation and best practice sharing on the burning issues currently being faced by organisations looking to reboot the way they think about training and talent development.

Among the marquee themes that delegates will be able to debate with high-profile keynote speakers at the 2019 edition are “How To Build A Learning Culture”, “Digital Transformation Of Learning”, “New Learning Formats” and “Content Curation”. Teach on Mars has plenty of innovative insights and great stories to tell on these topics, and is already looking forward to making plenty of new contacts as well as catching up with some old friends from the UK EdTech sector.

This second participation at Learning Live comes as the Sophia-Antipolis start-up is moving its relationship with the LPI to a new level of strategic impact, following a much appreciated keynote speech by Edmund Monk, LPI CEO, at the Teach on Mars Mobile Learning Summer University in early July.

It will also see the latest in a long line of successful collaborations with high-profile clients, as Teach on Mars hosts an interactive seminar on the morning of September 5 that will showcase the experience of Daniel Muccio from Parfums Christian Dior in deploying his own mobile learning app with Teach on Mars.

You can get more information on Learning Live here.

The Teach on Mars crew hopes to see you there!

Teach on Mars touches down in Switzerland for the first time

Teach on Mars touches down in Switzerland for the first time

The 13th edition of Salon RH, a key annual event for HR experts in Switzerland, will take place on 2 and 3 October at Palexpo in Geneva.

Salon RH is a showcase for HR innovations in the Francophone world, from France, Luxembourg and Belgium to French-speaking Switzerland and Canada. The show is intended exclusively for human resources professionals, business leaders and public service managers. The programme features more than 170 talks, workshops, panel discussions and stands hosted by more than 160 exhibitors. The last edition of the show was attended by more than 2500 visitors.

Teach on Mars will touch down at Stand F26 for the two days. Tiphaine Duchet will give a talk on 2 October (1:05 pm-1: 35 pm) in the Learning Innovation space (M.05) on the theme “Five points for a successful mobile learning project.” Her presentation will cover the following topics:

  • how to design short and impactful learning content
  • how to use smartphones to boost skills and performance to serve both individuals and the group
  • how to engage employees in professional development through a combination of entertainment and innovation

We look forward to meeting lots of you in Geneva! Request your badge here!