Transformation of training by Teach on Mars and Top Employers Institute

Transformation of training by Teach on Mars and Top Employers Institute

As we all know, the health crisis has had a significant effect on the way we work, interact and learn. In order to measure the impact on learning, Teach on Mars and Top Employers Institute are launching a survey aimed at understanding:

  • What transformations will training departments have to make?
  • How will technology influence training policies in companies?
  • How will the learning experience be changed and improved?

HR and training professionals, we’re counting on your contribution by giving us 10 minutes of your time.


Your opinion is key to getting a comprehensive and detailed overview of the latest developments in training trends.

The survey will close on 30 June. The results will be released in a webinar on 3 July which survey participants can register for.



SkyLab is back on February 5, 2019!

SkyLab is back on February 5, 2019!

Get ready for 2019. Save the date for the first Skylab of the year, devoted to helping you pin down the factors that will make the deployment of your app a success!

Once the review of 2018 – what went right and what went wrong – is done, and once you’ve celebrated the end of the year in style, then it’s time to make some new year’s resolutions. Right? Well, at Teach on Mars, we try to think of everything and especially of you … so we wanted to suggest a first resolution for 2019: get along to the Skylab!
This first edition will be devoted to a topic of the utmost importance: deploying your app!

On the agenda: interaction with our experts and among your peer group, testimonials, best practices and – above all – lashings of good humour to be sure to get our mobile learning year 2019 off to a stellar start!

To attend this new SKYLAB session, register here or write to us at Space is limited and reserved for Teach on Mars customers.

See you on February 5th at 8:30 am for an interactive and collaborative Skylab!

Blast-off on 31 May for a SkyLab in “augmented blended” mode

Blast-off on 31 May for a SkyLab in “augmented blended” mode

If you’re an L&D professional, then you’ve doubtless dreamt of reaching the mythical summit of the famous Kirkpatrick scale …. The Holy Grail of learning effectiveness that designers, trainers and managers alike refer to in hushed tones.

But just how relevant is the Kirkpatrick scale today, in these days of digital transformation and mobile learning? Surely performance indicators for mobile learning are much closer to the KPIs that popular mobile apps and e-commerce sites monitor so closely? And more to the point, how do you measure the impact of the user attractiveness, the “addictivity” or the “stickiness” of a mobile learning app on the business drivers that management are focused on – drivers like staff performance, sales effectiveness, workplace well-being and employee engagement?

In the face of such big questions, we thought it would be enlightening to have a go at (re)inventing our own set of mobile learning KPIs. It’s not about forgetting Kirkpatrick – far from it. It’s more a question of trying to take inspiration from the best-in-class mobile apps that compete with mobile learning for the user’s time and attention on a daily basis.

Maybe you’re deploying a mobile learning offer on an international scale and you’re struggling to define meaningful KPIs? Or maybe your boss wants hard data on the effectiveness of your initiative – possibly with your objectives and bonus in the balance? Maybe you think you’re tracking too many metrics? Or maybe you just have a best practice you’d like to share?

Whatever your agenda, join us at the next SkyLab meeting on 31 May at the Village by CA (55 rue de la Boétie, 75 008 Paris) starting at 18h00 for a new angle on the age-old critical subject of performance measurement! With a bit of luck, our disruptive- thinking,  dashboard-hacking cocktail will also be the opportunity to share a timeless Parisian sunset from the legendary Teach on Mars rooftop terrace!

To be part of Skylab Session #3, sign up here or drop us a message at !