Marketplace: highly topical new releases!


Would you like to give your learners an ever expanding training offer? This month the Marketplace offers you off-the-shelf titles as well as core topics, proving once again that mobile learning is highly adaptable.

New releases on the front page

For customers who want to raise awareness of current issues, several titles may be of interest:

Regulations in the spotlight

And just for once, this month we’ve gathered together the latest releases on the Marketplace covering regulatory issues. The Teach on Mars application gives you a sneak preview through the demos of several other additions to the catalogue:

  • “Managing Interventions by Service Providers – Risk-Free!”(SkillsDay),
  • “Insurance Law Made Easy!”(Abilways),
  • “Public Contracts in Belgium Made Easy!”(Abilways).

Looking to other horizons

In this month’s final piece of news, the Marketplace is heading into international airspace with a Playlist now available in English. Any titles stand out for you? The partner publishers of the Marketplace will be happy to translate them for you on request.

Contact us at to find out how to get these titles in French or bilingual versions, on your Teach on Mars portal!


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Delphine Okorokoff

Since a bookworm can be of assistance even in a spaceship, Delphine has boarded Teach on Mars' rocket to steer its interstellar odyssey towards the brand new planet Marketplace, matching her interests for humanities and innovation.

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